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Inflatable building Canada ontario

Country -Canada
City - ontario
Other length - 125
Other width - 90
Double membrane for insulation purposes - Yes
Purpose - soccer fields
Building place - ontario
Inside temperature (+C°) - 5
Outside temperature (-C°) - 20
Heating system - Nothing
Revolving doors - ?
Emergency doors - ?
Lightning - Indirect
Extra info/suggestions - we would prefer a system that can run on solar power and wind turbine power

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Inflatable building USA P.O. Box 6128

Country -USA
City - P.O. Box 6128
Postal index - 96931
Other length - 100
Other width - 100
Double membrane for insulation purposes - Not
Purpose - Tennis Court
Building place - Hotel
Inside temperature (+C°) - 80F
Outside temperature (-C°) - 100F
Heating system - Nothing
Revolving doors - 2
Emergency doors - 2
Lightning - Direct
Extra info/suggestions - I am interested to resell your products.

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Portable hangar USA Alaska, Anchorage, 2247 Misty Brook Circle

Country -USA
City - Alaska, Anchorage, 2247 Misty Brook Circle
Other length - 30
Other width - 36
Construction type - Not insulated
Foundation - Not needed
Hangar coating type - 28272
Sliding doors / person doors - Gates with person doors
Quantity - 1
Door / gate place - Fully opening end
Purpose - Aircraft Hangar
Ground coating (building place) - Asphalt

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Membrane structures

ClearSpan Fabric Structures International

altClearSpan Fabric Structures International

If you want an innovative, high performance building, ClearSpan is the number one choice. A smarter choice than traditional wood or steel buildings, fabric buildings are economical, versatile, durable and efficient. We provide packaged and customized solutions for all industries. Application possibilities are limited only by your imagination — we can manufacture a structure that meets your unique needs. Designed in conformance with international building codes, ClearSpan buildings are engineered, manufactured, and constructed with the highest structural integrity. We stand behind our work and promise you extraordinary care and service. We are the leading manufacturer of fabric structures. ClearSpan and our affiliated companies deliver over 10,000 buildings a year. It's hard to find a better qualified building team or a more desirable structure.
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Inflatable buildings

inflatable enclosures

Inflatable enclosures is a design and manufacturing business that supplies
inflatable systems to individuals and companies.

We are looking for distributors worldwide to take our innovative products to the market

Benefits in brief

Minimal running cost
Versatility for any weather situation
Rapid deployment
No planning permission required
Anti vandal proof
Snow loading heat mat
Aerodynamically designed for wind sheer
Operates in complete silence
Low voltage required 
Low carbon footprint
Water tube anchorage system
Translucent membrane to give natural light
Insulated membrane


Tennis court enclosures
Sports enclosures
Emergency shelters
Construction enclosures
Commercial storage enclosures
Swimming pool enclosures
Inflatable Greenhouse
Enlarge picture
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