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Membrane structures

Hatch Tensile Membrane Structures

Author: TariqKhan
Technical Information

Why Fabric
Fabric can achieve far greater spans than conventional building materials, with minimal supporting structure. Greater translucency and dynamic, organic shapes bring the feeling of outside inside, as well as providing shade and protection from the weather. Tensile structures generate live loads instead of the static loads of traditional roofing materials and modern architectural fabrics offer increased stability and longevity often 20+ years.

Advantages of using fabric
Architectural fabrics have come a long way. They now offer a viable alternative to traditional building methods, incorporating benefits such as high strength, low weight, translucency, self-cleaning and long life. The following are some of the benefits among various, of using Fabric:

Flexible Design Aesthetic
Virtually unlimited designs of distinctive elegant forms can be realized because of the unique flexible characteristics of architectural membrane. Also, fewer support columns create more functional, aesthetically pleasing spaces.

Outstanding Translucency
In daylight, the membrane's translucency offers soft diffused naturally lit spaces reducing interior lighting costs. At night, the artificial lighting creates an ambient exterior luminescence.

Shortened Construction Schedules
Incorporating the most modern construction techniques, large fabricated membrane panels can be installed quickly to shorten installation schedules. Likewise, fabric removal can be accomplished easily.

Cost Benefits
Lightweight structures can be a more cost effective solution than traditional building materials offering building owners reduced costs. Materials, such as photo-catalytic membranes, can help prevent temperature rise as well as reduce maintenance costs due to their self-cleaning properties.
There is an economy of cost per square meter, strength and longevity with fabric when compared with concrete and steel construction. The significant cost saving is the reduction in installation time required, as the support structure and fabric membrane is pre-fabricated and assembled on site.

Increase Revenue
By providing shade to customers and employees it has been proven that this can increase revenue and even increase the productivity of your staff. Please click on the link below which relates to your business and we will explain how Hatch Tensile Membrane Structures can help you increase your cash flow!

Car Parking

Car Dealerships

Hotels / Restaurants
Shopping Centers / Malls


Marriage Halls

entrance canopies

Long Span Structures
Lightweight membrane is a cost-effective solution that requires less structural steel to support the roof, enabling long spans of column-free space.

Earthquake Resistant
Lightweight tensile membrane structures bear less building load than traditional roofing materials and the membrane's elasticity offers further earthquake resistance.
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