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Farming and the Fabric Structure

Author: msmaerussell

A fabric structureis more versatile than an average hoop barn. They are manufactured to stand up to strong wind, heavy rain and unbalanced snow loads. Fabric buildings take care of all of your farming needs from equipment to grain and hay storage.

These structures are built with great flexibility in order to meet your design requirements with a clear span solution for any barn or livestock building. With the open floor plan and universal design of a quality fabric structure,you have maximum space and you never have to worry about working around building columns.

Fabric buildings let in natural light and provide excellent protection against damaging UV rays. This is beneficial to any livestock that you own, and will save you money on your energy bills because of the reduced lighting requirements during the hours of daylight.

Keeping Livestock Safe

Protect your investment by keeping your sheep, hogs, beef and dairy cattle protected under a high quality fabric structure. The clear span design offers an unlimited number of options for available space under your covered facility. Imagine no building columns to get in your way as you work in a naturally lit environment.

Fabric buildings can accommodate large or small farms and ranches that are in need of covers for their beef or dairy cows. These structures are easily customized in order to provide accommodations for loose housing, livestock pens, feeding stalls and much, much more.

Your livestock will feel safe and comfortable in an enclosed environment that protects them from rain, snow and wind all year long. Natural light infiltrates the structure and the enhanced ventilation reduces bacteria and moisture, providing a dry, clean and healthy environment for your livestock. In addition, these buildings remain cooler in the summertime and warmer in the wintertime, which effectively lowers energy costs.

Agricultural Storage

From large equipment or grain storage to a small-scale garage, a temporary or permanent tension fabric building suits all of your agricultural warehousing and storage needs. Regardless if you need a large or small storage solution, a fabric-covered structure fits the bill. With these buildings, you get the most usable space because you have no columns to maneuver around, giving you even more storage capacity per square foot. The superior quality of long-lasting, durable material is engineered into every fabric structure.

A fabric-covered building improves the interior environment of any storage or warehouse facility. There are no metal sides or roof to transfer cold or generate heat in the interior space. In addition, the need for artificial lighting is minimal with this type of facility. Since there are no interior building columns to get in your way, you can unload grain, drive equipment and stack hay bales with the greatest of ease.

Once the building is delivered to your site, installation takes less time per square foot than on a conventional building. This means that the total building cost is much, much less than erecting a metal or wooden structure on your property.

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