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portable planetarium projection dome tent

Enlarge picture

Inflatable mobile planetarium dome is very popular in school planetarium education. It is a unique giant translucent globe with a complete 360-degree multimedia video projection screen. This projection place or marquee can provide a complete 360-degree viewing experience from inside or outside, with a total 720-degree stunning huge screen immersion, which can be used for 360-degree movie playback or school planetarium education.

The fabric we use is designed in accordance with the highest flame retardant standards. Its cotton fabric meets the NFPA701 standard. Even under direct sunlight, its internal dome is 100% opaque, so it can be used for outdoor activities. Inflatable mobile planetarium dome can be used as a temporary theater in museums or other public places such as shopping malls, halls and public areas.

have not been rated yet Category: Test Viewed: 9 Author yolloy 28 february 2020 Comments (0)  


Clear Inflatable Snow Globe With Mat

Enlarge picture

Inflatable snow globe is widely used in various outdoor activities, such as photography, advertising, exhibitions, promotions, shelters, camping and so on. So this product is very popular. It can be easily installed in outdoor venues such as parks, backyards, gardens, and shopping malls. As stated at the beginning of this article, this clear snow globe with mat is used to decorate the atmosphere on many holidays. On the one hand, because of the unique appearance of the snowflake ball, it is very easy to attract the attention of passersby. On the other hand, this snow globe is not very bulky and lightweight and easy to move. The key is that various decorations can be placed inside the snowflake ball, and a light strip can also be installed inside. At night, when the lights are turned on, the whole transparent snow globe is like a beautiful sphere that glows.

have not been rated yet Category: Test Viewed: 8 Author yolloy 25 february 2020 Comments (0)  

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Clear Roof Inflatable Igloo Tent

Enlarge picture

When used in outdoor meeting rooms, the clear roof inflatable igloo tent gives people a fresh experience, allowing people to conduct business discussions in a more relaxed and pleasant environment. During the recess, people can also relax quickly by watching the scenery. When used for parties, because it is different from the traditional party venues, it attracts the attention of passers-by and is a new form of party hosting. At the same time, the organizer can save the cost of renting the venue. What's more important is that this clear inflatable dome tent can be reused, which means that users only need to pay for one purchase and can use it multiple times.

When used for exhibitions, because the tent uses a transparent appearance design, people outside can clearly see the situation inside the tent, which is very suitable for exhibition activities. When used in camping, the clear inflatable dome tent can satisfy people's desire to sleep under the stars. Especially at night, lying in a transparent tent, watching the beautiful stars and moon, and chatting with a partner, this will be a particularly good memory.

have not been rated yet Category: Test Viewed: 9 Author yolloy 21 february 2020 Comments (0)  


Inflatable Stunt Air Bag

Enlarge picture

Today, we introduce an inflatable stunt air bag, which is very suitable as a protective equipment for indoor and outdoor sports. Airbags are suitable for skiing, snowboarding, BMX, mountain biking, freestyle jumping, indoor or outdoor trampoline park foam pits. In addition, airbags can be used for aerobatic work, commercial landing pads, gym bags, and equipment for lifting heavy objects up and down.
This inflatable air mattress consists of two or more chambers, depending on the model. The air mattress is inflated by a blower. The lower chamber is filled first, and then the upper chamber is filled. It usually takes 1-5 minutes to complete the inflation of the entire air bag. In order to better achieve soft landing, we have installed air outlets on the side of the air bag. The blower continuously inflates the air bag through these outlets, and at the same time, the overpressure air also overflows from these outlets. During landing, these outlets also allow air to absorb vibrations and provide a soft landing to prevent bouncing.
have not been rated yet Category: Test Viewed: 13 Author yolloy 18 february 2020 Comments (0)  


Inflatable Air Dancers Fly Guy for Advertising

Enlarge picture

It is of huge shape and dances beautifully. Logos on it bring incomparable advertising effects. Its non-stop action provides a good way to capture the attention of the public. Lighting system inside produces special effect at night. So it will can bring good advertising effect. Air dancer is aerodynamic dancing inflatable that add fun and fantasy to events. They can be used for virtually anything such as promoting a sale, product or new store opening. Standing 6m tall or above, air dancer simply lets passers by know what you do and where you are.
have not been rated yet Category: Test Viewed: 18 Author yolloy 13 february 2020 Comments (0)  

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Clear inflatable dome tent for Spa

Enlarge picture

Clear inflatable dome for Spa, in this dome, we can do the spa ourselves. With this transparent inflatable dome tent, we can do Spa anytime and anywhere. Due to its small size and small footprint, it can be set up in rooms, yards, and parks. The dome is equipped with a transparent curtain, so you can enjoy the spa inside the dome even in winter. Through the transparent tent, we can enjoy the scenery while doing the Spa. In addition, this clear inflatable dome for Spa is also suitable for spas, so special equipment is likely to attract more customers.

We use transparent PVC tarpaulins to make this dome tent. This material is very durable and UV resistant. This dome has a double layer design and the air is sealed. At the same time, it is welded by high temperature instead of sewing, so the connection is very neat and beautiful. There are some D-rings at the bottom for fixing. When using the tent, we can fix it to the ground by sandbags, stones or ropes.

have not been rated yet Category: Test Viewed: 18 Author yolloy 11 february 2020 Comments (0)  


Inflatable bubble tree tent is good for outdoor camping

Enlarge picture

For above bubble tree tent, it is by three dome(one main hall,one bedroom and one bathroom) and a tunnel(air tube frame Covered with PVC tarpaulin). We make the air tube frame in air tight.And the air tube need the air pump to inflate it, it can keep the shape several days after once inflated. The domes are not air tight, there is a zip door on the tent to keep ventilation, so the tent also needs air blower connect the power to keep blowing. What't more we also make many fasten rings for fix. And we also will offer CE&UL certificate air blowers.

Custom making can be available. Such as bespoke size,color,logo and so on. As an inflatable item, it is very easy to pack up and set up and it also very convenient and flexible, which is widely used in campings,temporary hotels and so on. 
have not been rated yet Category: Test Viewed: 24 Author yolloy 7 february 2020 Comments (0)  


Inflatable light dome tent

Enlarge picture

Inflatable light dome tent, it is clear for outside and white inside. The dome inside is just similar to a Devonshire dome, it looks special and beautiful. It is widely used in wedding or many other event such as promotion, product show and so on.
It is a air tight structure,which once inflated up. The shape can be kept for many days.
There is a LED strip ibetween the gap of  the dome.The color can be change by controller.
And at night, it is a very good sight to show that you are on a party, it will attract almost every attention.
Customized can be acceptable.Our normal size is 3m-15m.If any special requirement,pls feel free to let me know.
have not been rated yet Category: Test Viewed: 22 Author yolloy 5 february 2020 Comments (0)  

Your company is capable producing a tension structure or an inflatable building ? Join us and publish your structure photos and information about your product on Fabric Structure community site for free!

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