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Portable Inflatable Golf Simulator Tent

Play golf anytime and anywhere with the inflatable golf tent

Do you like playing golf?

Enlarge picture

Golf, an outdoor sport, can be played individually or in groups. The little white ball was hit into the hole according to the regulations, and the player with the fewest shots was the winner. Golf is generally regarded as the invention of the Scots and is the national essence of Scotland. Today's 18-hole system was developed by Scotland. The four major slam tournaments currently in the golf world are the British Open, the US Open, the US Masters and the Professional Golf Association Championships. In all professional competitions, the above four are the highest level, the most influential and the most popular.

Enlarge picture

Golf is also known as the gentleman sport and attaches great importance to the basic rules. This outdoor sport requires concentrated mental and technical control. The main points of the player's scoring are the number of shots required to complete all the processes. The fewer swings during the period, the better the result. The biggest difference between golf and other ball items is that the playing field can be not fixed, so its track changes a lot.

In addition to professional athletes, golf has many amateurs. As mentioned above, golf is also called a gentleman sport, so many amateurs are keen to play golf. One is to show their respective gentlemanliness, and the other is to cultivate their own attention and compliance with the rules. In addition, playing golf is a very good leisure fitness exercise.

The world-renowned golf courses are: Portmanock Golf Club, located north of Dublin, recognized as one of the truly perfect courses, and Ballybunion course on the Atlantic coast, known as the perfect Links course. And Royal Northern Ireland Country Golf Club. The third golf course has been described as one of the oldest golf clubs in Ireland, one of the most beautiful courses in the world, and one of the most challenging courses in the world.

Enlarge picture

Due to the large number of golf enthusiasts and the small number of professional courses, even in many less-developed cities, there is no way to build courses. Therefore, the most troublesome problem for golf enthusiasts is that there is no field for them to practice and compete. In order to solve this problem, we introduce a portable inflatable golf simulator tent for everyone today. With this portable golf course, we can play golf anytime and anywhere.

This inflatable golf simulator tent simulates a real golf course. When we hit the ball on the screen, the screen will determine the position of the falling ball according to the ball's trajectory. This will help us better check for improper operations throughout the game and then make targeted improvements. We use PVC waterproof cloth to make tents, which play the role of waterproof, flame retardant and UV resistance. This golf tent is suitable for indoor and outdoor, especially when used outdoors, it can shade, windproof and protect from rain. In other words, he provides our golfers with a convenient place to play golf anytime and anywhere.

Have you been excited to see this portable inflatable golf simulator tent? It is a simulation course specially designed for golf lovers.

have not been rated yet Category: Test Viewed: 36 Author yolloy 26 march 2020 Comments (0)  


transparent double layer inflatable dome tent

Enlarge picture

This is an inflatable tent similar to an igloo, with a double-layer design and a transparent material on the outer layer. It is mobile, so we can build transparent tents in suitable spaces, such as grass, parks, commercial plazas, neighborhoods, etc., outdoors or indoors, according to the effect required for the exhibition. And because it is inflated, we only need to inflate it with an air pump when in use, deflate when not in use, and then fold it for storage.

Enlarge picture

If the activity requires, we can also install a light strip in the dome tent, and the tent can be used normally at night. In addition, installing a light strip can create a better exhibition atmosphere. Under the light, the beauty of the exhibits will be magnified, making the audience better understand the characteristics of the exhibits. Moreover, unlike the traditional cement-reinforced exhibition hall, this transparent double-layer inflatable dome tent has a novel appearance and more flexible installation. Therefore, it can better attract the attention of passersby and achieve the purpose of the exhibition.

have not been rated yet Category: Test Viewed: 32 Author yolloy 17 march 2020 Comments (0)  

Your company is capable producing a tension structure or an inflatable building ? Join us and publish your structure photos and information about your product on Fabric Structure community site for free!


choose the right mobile inflatable car repair tent

Enlarge picture

Mobile inflatable car repair tent is a movable inflatable tent. It is equipped with the equipment and facilities required for car repair, so it is suitable for repairing cars. Secondly, a portable car repair station can be set up and used anytime, anywhere. In other words, according to the customer's maintenance needs, car service providers can set up maintenance tents as close to the customer as possible to allow customers to receive service in the shortest time. This will not only improve the efficiency of maintenance, but also save customers time.

Enlarge picture

In addition to car repairs, this inflatable car tent  can also be used for car painting, car covers, temporary garages, and even outdoor activities such as parties and exhibitions.

have not been rated yet Category: Test Viewed: 40 Author yolloy 13 march 2020 Comments (0)  


Choosing the right inflatable floating dock for your life

Enlarge picture

Inflatable floating dock is an inflatable water sports platform. In addition to being used for daily leisure, it can also be used for water mobile work platforms. For example, water yoga, games, fishing, sunbathing, swimming, serving other water equipment, etc. It is suitable for both land and water, and is highly functional. For example grass, beach, lake, ocean, yacht. It is widely used in camps and beach resorts and is very popular with tourists.

Enlarge picture

We use double-layer hanging wire material to make this inflatable product, which has thousands of wires connected to the surface layer, which will flatten after inflation. The product is then welded by a professional high-temperature welding machine, so the product can be immersed in water for a long time. Our inflatable floating platform is air-tight. When you use it, you need an air pump to inflate it, and it can maintain its shape for many days after one inflation. When not in use, it can be deflated and stored in your home, boat or car.

have not been rated yet Category: Test Viewed: 41 Author yolloy 10 march 2020 Comments (0)  


Inflatable Iceberg Water Climbing Mountain

Enlarge picture

Inflatable climbing iceberg can bring a lot of fun, especially the difficulty of climbing games. Because the inflatable water climbing mountain is placed on the water, the climbing iceberg will shake when people climb up. This inflatable water toy is very popular with water game enthusiasts, suitable for adults and children.

Enlarge picture

Through researching and simulating the real iceberg, we make our products look like real icebergs to the greatest extent, and increase the user experience. In terms of material selection, we use a commercial-grade 0.9mm PVC tarpaulin, which is very suitable for making commercial water toy products. This material is UV resistant, water resistant, flame retardant, non-toxic, durable, soft and strong. And it is produced using machines, so our products can invade in water for a long time.

have not been rated yet Category: Test Viewed: 36 Author yolloy 6 march 2020 Comments (0)  

Considering to purchase a fabric tensile structure ? Wish to get proposals from all interested companies in your area? Request a quote right now!


Inflatable Jumping Bounce Castle House

Enlarge picture

This is an inflatable bounce house that can be used in lawns, garages, and basements. It is suitable for amusement parks, parties or other outdoor activities to attract children. Thanks to its high flexibility, the inflatable bounce house is perfect for children's play. Compared with other amusement facilities, this inflatable jumping castle does not use hard objects as support and fixation, but instead uses inflatable pipes. Therefore, it can greatly reduce the risk of injury to children, and parents can rest assured.

Enlarge picture

The materials we use are highly durable, UV-resistant, water-resistant, flame-retardant and lead-free, in line with CE & EN17 manufacturing standards. In terms of manufacturing technology, we pay attention to each small part of the product, and use double needle sewing, and the bottom is four needle sewing. We also use strong zippers and have zip covers. Outside the trachea, we also set up flaps, the purpose of which is to slow down the speed of air discharge and increase safety when the power is suddenly cut off.

have not been rated yet Category: Test Viewed: 39 Author yolloy 3 march 2020 Comments (0)  
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