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Membrane structures, Portable hangars, Other

CMG Buliding Solutions Inc.

CMG Building Solutions Inc. was formed in 2009 and is the authorized Norseman Structures dealer in Ontario. The company evolved from a need in the fabric building industry for service, cover replacement and building permit applications.

The initial focus was on a niche market assisting clients with applying and obtaining municipal building permits throughout the province. With the number of fabric covered buildings in Ontario exceeding 6000, an obvious extension of CMG Building Solutions Inc. became servicing fabric covered buildings and replacing covers.

More recently, CMG has added general contracting to its list of services.  CMG's professional crew can perform both commercial and residential renovations.

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Membrane structures

Singapore Zoological Gardens Amphitheatre

Enlarge picture

Multimedia Engineering was given the task of upgrading this famous Amphitheater and the nearby Carousel in March 2010. The project was successfully completed in May 2010 just in time for the June school holiday.

Enlarge picture

  The amphitheatre roof is a half ellipsoidal dome of steel and ADASTM PTFE-coated tensile fabric. The elliptical curvature of the roof provides its own tension, which leads to less material being used hence a lower weight and cost. The main roof comprises of six numbers of planar trusses, built using hot dipped galvanized circular hollow sections and connected together with an innovative cruciform connector. The lateral connections are formed by the secondary planar frame resulting in strong and rigid structure which facilitates the transfer of wind and rain loads from the tensile membrane roof to the columns and finally to the foundation. This state of the art ADASTM tensile membrane roof covers a seating and performing area of 1000m2 , with 45m of clear span between the supports, providing sufficient space for the various animals to showcase their acrobatic skills and entertain the audience. The height of the column is 15m, providing an unobstructed view of the magnificent Mandai Lake.

SAM@8Q is a structure based from non conformist architecture

[email protected] is a structure based from non conformist architecture.The structure is very unique with the fusion of simplicity and edge, rightful to be called as an "art" itself. And with this, the setting of the appropriate canopy at the grounds of SAM is challenge enough to be won.
The construction of the tensile membrane roof began in September 2010 and was completed in November of the same year.
The canopy may be perceived as symmetrical on first glance, but the more the spectators view the design, it will be found diametrical.
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Your company is capable producing a tension structure or an inflatable building ? Join us and publish your structure photos and information about your product on Fabric Structure community site for free!

Membrane structures

Norseman Structures New Leader in Fabric Building Industry

Enlarge picture

Norseman Structures is a new leader in the steel-framed, fabric covered building industry.   The company offers a broad product line, an extensive global distribution network, and the largest manufacturing capacity in the industry.


Upon the acquisition of the assets of Cover-All Building Systems in June 2010, Norseman has expanded its manufacturing capacity of fabric buildings to provide products and service to customers around the world. New product designs and a continued focus on safety and quality emphasizes the strength and reliability of Norseman Structures.

For all building inquiries, please contact Norseman Structures by phone at 306.385.2888 or 1.888.457.2004 (in Canada & U.S.) or visit www.norseman.ca
Enlarge picture
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Membrane structures

Facts about tensile structures

tensile structure

Tensile structures are widely used as a means of protection against the weather in publicly used spaces. This is because such buildings can span large distances and are esthetically pleasing. Tensile structure is a construction of elements carrying only tension and no compression or bending. Tensile structures are generally supported by some form of compression or bending elements for example the masts in The O2, known as the Millennium Dome.
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Membrane structures

Eksen Tent

Enlarge picture
Axis of this structure, steel frame canopy is a transparent membrane
This structure was established on the island in istanbul galatasaray cars fiat linea launch of the world made the world press has been the subject of that week Axis
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Considering to purchase a fabric tensile structure ? Wish to get proposals from all interested companies in your area? Request a quote right now!

Membrane structures

ClearSpan Fabric Structures International

altClearSpan Fabric Structures International

If you want an innovative, high performance building, ClearSpan is the number one choice. A smarter choice than traditional wood or steel buildings, fabric buildings are economical, versatile, durable and efficient. We provide packaged and customized solutions for all industries. Application possibilities are limited only by your imagination — we can manufacture a structure that meets your unique needs. Designed in conformance with international building codes, ClearSpan buildings are engineered, manufactured, and constructed with the highest structural integrity. We stand behind our work and promise you extraordinary care and service. We are the leading manufacturer of fabric structures. ClearSpan and our affiliated companies deliver over 10,000 buildings a year. It's hard to find a better qualified building team or a more desirable structure.
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Membrane structures

Why Fabric is Better than Brick

Fabric covered steel can substitute for brick and mortar anytime.  Read on to see whyl......

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Membrane structures

Technociate Engineering - Tensile Fabric Structures Specialist

TECHNOCIATE ENGINEERING SDN BHD - A specialist in Tensile Fabric Structures offers a full range of services from concept design to project implementation in the field of Tension Membrane Structure. Its flexibility in design allows for dramatic shapes to be achieved thus creating an outstanding attraction for venues and events in today’s modern roofing technology.

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Considering to purchase a fabric tensile structure ? Wish to get proposals from all interested companies in your area? Request a quote right now!

Membrane structures


We Specialize In Fabric Tensile Structures!


Imagine any concept or design, and we have the expertise and the technology to bring them to reality. Our wide range of products would suit any type of interior or exterior environments.

Tensile structures are lightweight and flexible. The low weight of the materials allow incredible free span roofs, making construction easier and cheaper than standard designs, especially when vast open spaces have to be covered.

Specialist in designing, consultation and construction of a wide range of fabric and tensile structures and products for a variety of uses, including convention centers, amphitheaters, domes, car park and laser projection screens and also for interiors as well. Offering expertise in all phases of the custom design process, incorporating the latest technology, innovative construction techniques, and dedication to the principles of sustainable architectural design.

We at SKYBRIDGE , assure you the quality and integrity of every product and the highest quality workmanship.

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Membrane structures

Tension Membrane Structures by Big Top - modern fabric structures

Big Top tensile structures are designed by in-house Computer Aided Design (CAD) team and are manufactured in our state-of-the-art facility in Florida, USA.

Big Top's mobile membrane structure system is relocatable by cranes or wheels and has been used for military aircraft hangars and flightline sunshades, construction shelters, marine buildings, temporary building structures for storage and more. GSA pricing is available for military and government buyers. Check Clear Span, Big Top tension membrane structures up to 166 feet wide for more information and call today toll free 1-800-277-8677 or 850-584-7786.

Recently, Big Top Manufacturing has installed two hangar buildings in Louisiana.

Project update: Portable Hangars by Big Top

Recently, Big Top Manufacturing has installed two hangars in Louisiana. Please check our website for portable hangars information. Online quote request available.

Big Top tensile structure

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