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Here you can find a range of organisations operating in Tensile Structures, Fabric Structures, Inflatable buildings, Portable hangars construction industry worldwide.

1 Tensile Systems Tensile Systems1 Tensile Systemswww.tensilesystems.comTensile Structures, Consulting, Project Management, Fabric Structures, Shade Sails and PTFE, PVDF and PVC fabric panel production.
aaastructures The Patriot Group of Structure Companiesaaastructureswww.pgsc.usThe Patriot Group designs and supplies clear span structures from 50\' to over 250\'. With the experience of our member companies, we can ensure the correct shelter solution for you.
aab22 Lightweight Manufacturingaab22www.lightweightmanufacturing.comEngineered fabric panels.
LWM manufactures fabric panels for the tent rental industry and for new and existing fabric structures. Design and Engineering assistance also available to create fabric panels to fit your existing frame.
We also create large-size graphics in-house.
Aakruti Tenso Aakruti Tenso Structures & Facades Pvt.Aakruti Tensoaakrutitenso.com
Aeronaut Aeronaut AutomationAeronautwww.aeronaut.orgManufacturer of Plotter Cutters for the Tension Membrane & Shade Industry
Capabilities: Aeronaut Automation manufactures automated plotter/cutters with CAD and nestling software to suit a variety of applications, from sail making, sail stringing machines, carbon fibre, rubber and canvas goods, and much more.
AFS Architectural Fabric SolutionsAFSwww.architecturalfabricsolutions.com.auArchitectural Fabric Solutions have been around since 1948 providing high quality tension membrane and shade cloth outcomes to builders across Australia and the world. We are one of Australia’s leading providers of tension membrane solutions and can do anything from your standard Shade Sails, Car Park Structures, Waterproof Resort umbrellas and Awnings through to complete turnkey packages of buildings up to 100m wide clear span.
ala Architen Landrellalawww.architen.com
albaddadintl AL BADDAD INTERNATIONALalbaddadintlwww.albaddadintl.comAl-Baddad International, subsidiary of Al-Baddad Global, is a leading provider of innovative mobile halls and pre-fabricated buildings in the MENA region. Our products are the best option for outdoor solutions, exhibitions, conferences, weddings, events (especially sports), International forums, private occasions, festivals, camps, warehouses, military solutions, and temporary accommodations.
albi7 fmg technologiesalbi7www.fiorenzi-marine-group.itmanufacturers of special membrane materials

manufacturers of large plotters/cutters and software
alcanes.in AVON INTERNATIONAL PVT LTDalcanes.inwww.alcanes.inWe are an outdoor furniture manufacturer based near New Delhi , India , we are also interested in diversifying in tensile structures
Andrea D'AppoloniaAndreawww.dappolonia.it
ARCORA ARCORAARCORAwww.arcora.comEngineering consultant specialized in steel structures, facade, glazing skyroof, tensile fabric structures (specific expert software : formfinding, calculation, geometrical patterns).
arizon ARIZON STRUCTURESarizonwww.arizoncompanies.comArizon Structures provides complete turnkey services from architectural design, engineering, site construction and manufacturing of the entire system to final installation, worldwide. These include air domes, air-supported structures, tennis domes, multi-sports domes and all sport arenas.
Asailer Sail Structures USAAsailerwww.SailStructuresusa.comKnown for our unique designs, we have been designing and installing custom Shade Sails and Tension fabric Structures for over a decade and have pioneered many of today’s dramatic shapes and styles. Today, the company specializes in more technically demanding projects and applications which focus on form and function (via software driven programs) utilizing high tech PVC and PTFE waterproof fabrics.
avidoutdoors AvidOutdoors.comavidoutdoorswww.avidoutdoors.comWe are proud to be an authorized representative of ASATI air structures and sports domes.
awningpro Southern Tent & Awning Co.awningprosoutherntentandawning.netCustom end product manufacturers all types of fabric products
Ayed A. Tamimi ALI TAMIMI SONS CO.Ayed A. Tamimitamimitents.comWe are one of the biggest memebrane & steel fabricators in the middle east. We have done many membrane structres in the past including one stadium in Lebanon and 9 Shoping malls in Saudi Arabia.. and many more strutcurees in the GCC countries.
Balz Schlaich Bergermann and PartnerBalzwww.sbp.de
Barbara Meliar DesignBarbarawww.meliar.comMeliar Design has been involved in the development of light weight structures for over 20 years.

With MPanel, from Meliar Design, tensile fabric structure designers can now have a complete set of tools, running in industry standard CAD software, AutoCAD or Rhinoceros®. MPanel incorporates a set of design tools into a user friendly interface to assist tensile fabric structure designers. MPanel works inside AutoCAD or Rhino as a floating tool bar, and manipulates your CAD drawing from the initial form finding of a mesh to the final production panels for you to send to your plotter or cutter.

A fully functional 30 day demo is available from our website.
basestructures Base Structures Ltdbasestructureswww.basestructures.comWe design and build world class tensile fabric structures. From iconic structures that define a building, to smaller-scale tension structures that make a statement, our experience is unrivalled and our commitment is uncompromising. Whatever your vision, with landmark installations at the Lords Cricket Ground, Eden Project and Heathrow Terminal 5, we have the capabilities and proven expertise you need.
blhungiville Lightweight Structures Associationblhungivillewww.lightweightstructures-ifai.comThe Lightweight Structures Association exists to promote the use and growth of lightweight structures and to represent the interests and concerns of the lightweight structures industry in the Americas.
borealtent Suzhou Boreal tent technology Co., Ltdborealtentwww.boreal-china.comwe are an Aluminum frame tent manufacturer from China, our tent are mainly for event, exhibition and industrial use.
bpretsch Mahaffey Fabric Structuresbpretschwww.fabricstructures.comMahaffey Fabric Structure manufactures and leases clearspan structures, and has served North American & the Caribbean since 1924.
brian Universal Fabric Structures, Inc.brianwww.ufsinc.com
Brian McCarthy TechniTex Faraday LimitedBrian McCarthywww.technitex.orgTechniTex is industrially driven and focuses on research, design and development of new technologies and applications for the textile industry.
canamer Canamer International Inc.canamerwww.canamer.comFor over 3 decades Canamer has prided itself with the ability to make stock and custom fabrications of geosynthetic membranes (geotextiles) especially for agricultural (e.g. grain pile covers, silage covers, odor containment screens); industrial (e.g. cement clinker covers, salt/sand pile covers); and recreational (e.g. pond liners, gym floor covers) purposes.
carelladesign CIDELSAcarelladesignwww.cidelsa.comSenior Architect in CIDELSA
cesframe Ces Frame company limitedcesframewww.cesframe.com
charlotte Taiyo Middle Eastcharlottewww.makmax.comI\'m a working as a Marketing Executive for Taiyo Middle East which is a subsidary of Taiyo Kogyo Corporation.
ClearSpan ClearSpan Fabric Structures InternationaClearSpanwww.ClearSpan.comClearSpan Tension Fabric Structures International manufacturers permanent and temporary tension fabric buildings including horse riding arenas, truss arch, fabric covered buildings, agricultural & livestock housing, airplane hangars, construction equipment garages, sports buildings, sand & salt storage facility, emergency shelters and more.
cmgbuildingsolutions MetKor Group Inc.cmgbuildingsolutionswww.metkor.caThe MetKor Group Inc. specializes in fabric covered building sales and recovers, as well as all aspects of the general contracting industry. MetKor is an authorized Calhoun Super Structures dealer.
cosmoskabar Cosmos Kabarcosmoskabarwww.cosmos-kabar.com
covertex covertexcovertexwww.covertex.com
cprime cprimewww.primeeventgroup.com
dducos Avantexdducoswww.avantex.es
deboer De Boer International B.V.deboerwww.deboer.comWorld wide market leader in rental of any kind of temporary structures.
Offices all over the world

east-ta East Standard Group Inc.east-tawww.east-building.comEast Standard Group Inc. manufactures prefabricated, portable buildings and custom structures for many applications. There are two common features: a well-engineered and galvanized steel frame and a PVC top coated polyester fabric covering which is tensioned over the frame to provide a tight fitting shell. Contact with us now for learning what we can do for your project!
eksentent Eksen Tenteksententeksentent.com
Electronic Die Corp. ELECTRONIC DIE CORP.Electronic Die Corp.www.electronicdiecorp.comElectronic Die Corp. is the leading manufacturer of RF HEAT SEALING TOOLING. We manufacture all types of RF DIES AND CUTTING DIES. Our dies include Clicker Dies,Clamshell Packaging dies, Seal & Cut Dies, Kieffel Dies, Vacuum sealing tooling, Die repair and remachining.
engreview Engineering Reviewengreviewengreview.comEngineering Review provides engineering services for Fabricators of Fabric Structures, Canopies and Awnings. Licensed Civil engineer in California, Nevada, Arizona, Oregon, Texas, Hawaii and New Mexico.
Felonwilson Seaman CorporationFelonwilsonwww.seamancorp.com
fentonholloway Fentonm Holloway Ltdfentonhollowaywww.fentonholloway.comSpecialist engineering designers of fabric structures
flontex Membranengineering FLONTEXflontexwww.flontex.chOur company are pioneers in membrane structures
since 1977. We have a large experience in design
and fabrication, especially in PTFE-coated Fiberglas,
PTFE-Glas Laminates and ETFE foils. We offer
consultancy services subject to any needs.
FORMOED FORMOEDFORMOEDwww.formoed.comFormoed is Specialized in Tensile Membrane Structures - Design, Engineering, Execution, Workshop. Executes in India and Abroad
freitagmann FREITAGMANNfreitagmannwww.freitagmann.co.inWe are a Firm of designers who involves in innovative design and a research based attitude towards problem solving.
frhelioscreen Helioscreenfrhelioscreenwww.helioscreen.comHelioscreen is specialized in the weaving of pvc-coated glassfibre fabrics for the solar shading industry
fshelden AmeriShade, Inc.fsheldenwww.amerishade.comI am the Chief Marketing Officer responsible for all sales and marketing activity. We design,manufacture and install (constuct ) both waterproof and shade cloth structures for covered parking, dock canopies, aircraft hangers, livestock... Cattletrees... hail protection, really any application for an outdoor shade structure. We are a custom builder of tensioned fabric shade canopies.
g.danza baku group dtg.danzawww.forten32.comArchitecture office & software development
galen.sonntag CoverAllgalen.sonntagwww.coverall.net
gauthier MERMET SAgauthierwww.sunscreen-mermet.comMERMET SA : coated fiber glass weaver since 1951
Application : indoor tensile structure
Semi transparent fabrics stopping UV, controlling glare & greenhouse effect. New range for indoor Echo noise reduction. Fire rated.
gburdick IPD Sales & Marketing LLCgburdickwww.ipdsystem.comInternational Manufacturer of Air Supported Structures. We currently have facilities in New York, Missouri and Moscow Russia.
gcollins RUBB, INC.gcollinswww.rubb.comRUBB manufactures prefabricated, relocatable buildings, shelters and custom structures. These structures feature a well-engineered, post fabrication hot-dipped galvanized steel frame and a PVC coated polyester fabric cover which is tensioned over the frame to provide a tight fitting shell. Custom structures include aluminum framework and steel clad buildings.
George Illing P-D Interglas Technologies LtdGeorge Illingwww.atex-membranes.comManufacturer of woven, finished, laminated and coated glass fibre and other fabrics.
grnaiman US Cover, LLCgrnaimanwww.uscover.comUS Cover designs and manufactures a full line of reusable covers and tension fabric structures and is the only company in North America to manufacture tension fabric structures utilizing controlled dry storage technology in accordance with MIL-P-58102.
gsa396 Airscapes/GSA Construction, Inc.gsa396www.airscapes.netAir supported structures with or without translucent properties, cover 25,000 square foot in one day.
gss Global Structure Servicegsswww.globalstructureservice.comFabric structure installation
Hareikon Hareikon UGHareikonwww.hareikon.comWe deliver to our customers a full service in high quality production equipment - Made in Germany - engineering service, fabric delivery and steel fabrication.
In our network of well experienced companies we are working international closed together for the benefit of our customers. Here is a selection of our range of services:
Hiroaki Matsui Tiger Taiwan Engineering CorpHiroaki Matsuiwww.tiger-tw.com.tw/Specialized in design & supply of architectural membrane structures
Hong W.A Young & CoHongwayoung.com.auPlease visit website for details
horivert GRORICH HORIVERT PVT. LTD.,horivertWWW.GRORICHHORIVERT.COMIn tensile membrane feild for the last three years and have tied up with an overseas company in Dubai for the membrane designing and finishing.we do the structure and erection of membranes.
iechotech Hangzhou ECHO Computer & Technology Co.,iechotechen.iechosoft.comWe are Hangzhou ECHO Computer&Technology Co., Ltd.

We produce Automatic cutting machine, can cut Membrane structure projects, PTFE membrane material, PVC membrane material, tents and awnings.
inflatablebuildings Inflatable Building Structures Limitedinflatablebuildingswww.inflatablebuildingstructures.comInflatable Building Structures Ltd - Suppliers of Inflatable Buildings, Inflatable Domes, Air Inflatable domes, Temporary Inflatable Buildings, Inflatable Portable Buildings, Inflatable Modular Buildings, Inflatable Structures, Inflatable Sports Dome and Inflatable Event Domes
inflataspace Inflatable sports enclosuresinflataspacewww.inflatablesportsenclosures.comwe manufacture inflatable structures
Jeff Thomas Sprung Instant Structures, Inc.Jeff Thomaswww.sprung.comSprung Structures set standard in making fabric structures having thousands of applications and not only that they are also responsible in creating standard for mining buildings.
jeffteoh SunCool Shadesails Sdn Bhdjeffteohwww.suncoolmalaysia.com.myWe provide turnkey engineering & installation in Malaysia & overseas for all kind of roofings.
Jesper Bröderna Park ABJesperwww.parkbrothers.com
jessie1254 Shaoxing Sifeng imp&exp CO.,LTDjessie1254www.sifengtex.comShaoxing Sifeng imp&exp CO.,LTD are located in the Shaoxing County Orchid Pavilion town,Is an industry and trade combination, the textile lining import-export trade company, peripheral has Asian and even world biggest textile transaction market --China lightly spins correlation factory and so on the city and multitudinous textile printing, has the strong message resources network.
jezter ShadeSails USA Incjeztershadesailsusa.comWe specialize in Shade Sails and tensioned fabric structures. We support dealers and wholesale buyers with tech support, engineering assistance and advice.
jfpettit Slaterpaull Architectsjfpettitwww.slaterpaull.com
jjcarter J & J. Carter Limitedjjcarterwww.jjcarter.comJ & J Carter Ltd are design and build contractors of tensile fabric structures. Our structures include :- tension membranes, air supported domes, fabric/frame structures, canopies and awnings.
jkrentals JK Rentalsjkrentalswww.jkrentals.comJK Rentals has emerged as one of the industry\'s leading providers of high quality fabric structures, tension tents up to 120\' in width, and various other event rental items. Eventhough our clear span inventory and company as a whole is growing and changing consistently, one thing that never changes is our commitment to providing the highest level of customer service.
JoAnne Ferris IFAIJoAnne Ferriswww.ifai.com
John Lee John Leejjlevents.com
johnh Big Top Manufacturingjohnhwww.bigtopshelters.coma leading company of manufacturing portable tension fabric membrane structures, which have been used as aircraft hangars, construction & industrial tent structures, shipyard refit & paint shelters, enviromental enclosures, temporary and permanent storage buildings. GSA pricing & online quote request available. Shipping worldwide.
jose sanchez School of Architecturejose sanchezpersonal.telefonica.terra.es/web/escrig-sanchez/
jperegman Ocean Tents & Party Rentalsjperegmanwww.oceantents.comFull Service Party Rental Company. Including tents ranging from 90 sq. ft. to 10,000 sq. feet.
Specializing in small and large events.
Ken Andrew Scottrade International LtdKen Andrewwww.scot-int.comRepresentataives for Industrial Sedo S.A., one of Europe\'s leading manufacturers of high qaulity PVC coated fabrics, for a wide range of applications including fabric structures/
Kurvenbau KurvenbauKurvenbauwww.kurvenbau.comDoubly-curved structural design software.
lalders Verseidag Seemee US Inc.lalderswww.seemeeus.comI am the tent division director for the United States and Canada. We are a German company and produce coated tent and structural membrane materials. Both PVC and PTFE products, PVC with acrylic lacquer, PVDF weldable and non-weldable top coatings.
legacybuildings Legacy Building Solutionslegacybuildingswww.legacybuildingsolutions.comAt Legacy, we pride ourselves on designing your customized fabric building to accommodate your project’s requirements.

Fabric warehouse, fabric building warehouse, warehouse structure, warehouse building, warehouse fabric structure, storage building, fabric warehouse building, fabric warehouse structure, insulated fabric building, clear span building, clear span warehouse, clearspan warehouse, clearspan building, fabric storage building, cold storage building, portable storage building, portable storage structure, portable warehouse, temporary warehouse, green building solutions
lewis Blackman & White Ltdlewiswww.blackmanandwhite.comBlackman & White are the only UK based designers and manufactures of flat bed and conveyorised CNC blade and/or laser industrial cutting solutions. Our cutting solutions offer the widest selection of standard cut dimensions in the industry from 1.5m to 6m wide and 3.5m to over 100m long and with able to cut single ply up to 80mm in thickness. Our multiple gantry and cutting tools, combining laser, fixed blade and driven cutting tools on a single machine give our customers the widest choice available. Our ability to explore solutions to new cutting challenges is renowned around the world. Independent of any nesting and setting software we are able to work with industry specific software solutions. Proactive R&D to continually improve and expand our range. Contact us with your cuting challenges, we may already have the answer.
loganmkt Logan Marketingloganmktloganmarketing.comJim Logan is a marketing consultant and independent rep interested in innovation in tents and tensile structures for commercial uses and humanitarian purposes. Logan Marketing offers PVC-coated weldable webbing through Seattle Textiles in the North American marketplace.
losberger Losberger CHINAlosbergerwww.losbergerchina.com/Please contact us for any needs related to Temp Tent Hangars in China.

Mohamed A.T. Soliman
Export Sales Director

Losberger CHINA (Shanghai-Beijing)
Blk 5 Xunhao Industrial Park
258 Jinglian Rd. Minhang District
Shanghai 201108

T: +86-21-61611005
F: +86-21-64343316
Cell: +86-15000665804
luckydaler Western Outdoorluckydalerwww.westernoutdoor.inI am an Archineer from the IMS Germany & Presently I am doing my Masters in Archineering.
We manufacture Tensile Membrane Structures
manafem SkyBridge Structural Industries Ltdmanafemwww.skybridgeindia.comWe Specialize In Fabric Tensile Structures. Imagine any concept or design, and we have the expertise and the technology to bring them to reality. Our wide range of products would suit any type of interior or exterior environments.
Mark Welander FabriconMark Welanderfabricon.comDesign, Manufacture, Consulting for Fabric structures
matal1 RUBB POLANDmatal1rubb.plRubb Poland Ltd. is part of Rubb AS. RUBB manufactures prefabricated, relocatable buildings, shelters and custom structures. These structures feature a well-engineered, post fabrication hot-dipped galvanized steel frame and a PVC coated polyester fabric cover which is tensioned over the frame to provide a tight fitting shell. Custom structures include aluminum framework and steel clad buildings.
Matti Orpana Tensotech ConsultingMatti Orpanawww.tensotech.com
mehler-texnologies Mehler Texnologies GmbHmehler-texnologieswww.mehler-texnologies.comMehler Texnologies is manufacturer and supplier of coated fabrics, membranes for textile architecture and specially coated and finished fabrics for sun protection and tents.
Milestones Milestones Building and DesignMilestonesmbdbuildings.comOur CrossOver Fabric Buildings are setting the industry standard for excellence in engineering strength, and the newest technology; the ultimate in tension fabric structures, fully customized structures with rigid steel, built-up beams framework.
mknipp Plastatech Engineering LTD.mknippwww.plastatech.comFabricator of PVC membrane
mmignani FMG TEXTILES SRLmmignaniwww.fiorenzi-marine-group.it
mreskinezy pavilionmreskinezy www.pavilionstructures.comPavilion Structures is a manufacturer of prefabricated, buildings, shelters and custom structures. These structures feature a well-engineered, post fabrication hot-dipped galvanized steel frame and a PVC coated polyester fabric cover which is tensioned over the frame to provide a tight fitting shell. Custom structures include steel framework buildings.
mskamat Digicon Micro Systems Pvt. Ltd.mskamatwww.digiconmicrosystems.comManufacturers of Fabric Welding Equipment
msmaerussell Allsite Structure Rentals LLCmsmaerussellwww.allsitestructures.comAllsite Structure Rentals (formerly Universal Rentals) is the country’s top provider in the rental or lease of portable, clear span, temporary, all-weather fabric structure buildings and relocatable, commercial, tensioned membrane structures.
Natta Ravi Kumar Gulf Glass Fiber Technological Ind. Co.Natta Ravi Kumarwww.fiber-tec.comFIBERTECH is the only fully integrated manufacturer of glass fiber reinforcements and PTFE coated architectural fabrics in the Middle East region. The PTFE coated fabrics are sold under the tradename of \"FIBERTOP\". FIBERTOP fabrics are available in both the 4 and 6 micron filament yarn woven fabrics and in various thickness and densities.
nbutler Technical Textiles Internationalnbutlerwww.technical-textiles.netGlobal magazine serving the technical textiles industry.
neil_carter Yeadon Fabric Structures, Ltd.neil_carterwww.yeadondomes.comYeadon® is the leading producer of State-Of-The-Art Air Supported Structures providing the most cost effective Domes to meet the needs of today’s customers for the sports and recreation, warehousing, military and construction markets.
ng chong kiat Tensioned Fabric Structure Sdn. Bhd.ng chong kiatwww.tfs.com.myWe involve in design and build of tensile structures.
Currently, we have realized hundreds of tensile fabric structures. We also take up sub-contract fabrication works in our fabrication facility.
Norseman Norseman StructuresNorsemanwww.norsemanstructures.comNorseman Structures is a world leading organization offering the broadest product line, most extensive distribution network and the largest manufacturing capacity in the steel-framed, fabric covered building industry. New building designs and a continued focus on safety and quality gives you confidence in the strength and reliability of a trusted advisor, Norseman Structures – Fiercely Reliable since 1921.
ONART ONART Membrane StructuresONARTwww.onart.com.trONART is a high technology company operating only in the sector of Textile Architecture pursuing continuous research and development.
pallav Plastic Products Engineering Companypallavppecindia.com
Patrick Hayes Fabric imagesPatrick Hayesfabricimages.com
pattysmail Shelter Structures, Incpattysmailwww.ShelterStructures.comWe are a Woman Owned small business specializing in custom designed fabric covered industrial steel buidlings. Any height, any length, and up to 166 ft wide. Always designed with the customer in mind.
patutt Isle of Man Collegepatuttwww.iomcollege.ac.imarchitect, lecturer and PhD student
Peter Brown Osborn Lane Consulting EngineersPeter Brownwww.osbornlane.comConsulting engineers specializing in the design and patterning of fabric structures.
peterk Lightweight Structures Association of Aupeterkwww.lsaa.orgThe LSAA is a small organization representing the membrane (fabric) and other forms of lightweight structures in Australasia.
Phil Sellers Power Plastics LtdPhil Sellerswww.powerplastics.co.uk
PinkInc Pink Inc.PinkIncwww.pinkincdesign.com
pioneer Pioneer Tool & Forgepioneerwww.tentstakes.comWe manufacture alloy steel tent stakes for various applications. We sell to both end users and OEM accounts. Quantity discounts are also available. We also sell many different tent related accessories.
PJMcBride PJ McBridePJMcBridePJMcBride.comFounded in 1975 providing rentals and sales to fabric structure industry. Have provided tents to private,corporate and government clients from California to the Mid East.
profile shade Profile Shade Structuresprofile shadewww.profileshadestructures.com
Prosail ProSail AWAProsailwww.prosailcutter.comProSail design and build textile plotting and cutting machines. all machines sold complete with our 2D Pattern design or 3D Sail design and Nesting software. Plotters start at 4300 Euro and Plotter cutters start at 13600 Euro. Plotter widths up to 3.5m and plotter/cutters up to 5 metres in width
proud Naizil coated fabricsproudwww.naizilcanada.com
punitjhaveri12345 LUCKY INTERNATIONALpunitjhaveri12345www.luckyinternational.netWe are also exclusive India representatives of BELGIUM based SIOEN INDUSTRIES- world market leader in Technical Direct Coated Textiles- to distribute their range of Architectural (Tent & Tensile Structures) & Truck Tarpaulin Fabrics in India. The Beijing Olympics Tent Structures were made in SIOEN Fabrics.
Raoul Moerkerken Armada Vingida StructuresRaoul Moerkerkenwww.armada-vingida.comOur company is a partnership between Armada Structures and Vingida Structures and designs and manufactures all sorts of tents, halls, architectural structures and temporary buildings.
Ravasi Studio Tecnico RavasiRavasiwww.studio-ravasi.com
RegTrltn The Tarleton Co LLCRegTrltnwww.thetarletonco.comThe Tarleton Co LLC...TARCO...offers a full live of services and materials for tensile, shade and awning structures
Renato Alves ARQUITEX ARQUITETURA TÊXTIL LTDARenato Alveswww.arquitex.com.br
Robert Carpenter Aluminium Structure Services LtdRobert Carpenterwww.pocca.co.ukManufacture and install architectural fabric membranes
Robert Carter J & J Carter LtdRobert Carterwww.jjcarter.comDesigners, Manufacturers and Installers of Tensile Fabric Structures. Our structures include tension membranes, fabric/frame systems, and air-supported structures. Offering design life in excess of 30 years with non-combustible membrane fabrics. J & J. Carter are also BS EN ISO 9001:2000 certified for the design and build of tensile fabric structures. For more information see our website www.jjcarter or call +44 870 224 1810.
RSconsultant RS ConsultantsRSconsultantRSconsultants.comFabric structure design, manufacture and installation.
rtaylor Norseman Structuresrtaylorwww.norsemanstructures.com
Rubo Rubowww.rubo.pl/go.php/en.html
rubywindy Hangzhou Deyi Tent Manufacture Co., Ltdrubywindywww.dypf.cn
Rudy Lekar Full Circle Events, IncRudy Lekarwww.fcelv.comWe are a high end provider of cutting edge tent structures, HVAC Systems, Temporary Electrical Systems, Temporary Power Systems, Portable Executive Restroom Facilities. FCE, Inc specializes in providing these solutions to Fortune 500 companies, large trade shows, exhibitions and show case events worldwide.
schooner Texwiseschoonerwww.texwise.co.za
schwarzmann Konstrukcije Schwarzmann d.o.o.schwarzmannwww.schwarzmann.euSchwarzmann is one of the regional leading construction companies. Projects have been completed in various sectors. Schwarzmann tent halls have been built for wide range of possible uses in industry, agriculture, commercial and education. We provide high quality steel structures covered with pvc fabric cover. All structures are designed accordinfg with the clients wishes, taking into account local snow and wind loads.
sfp Soper'ssfpwww.sopers.comFounded in 1875, Soper\'s is a leading manufacturer of engineered fabric solutions from softshell tensile structures to workplace softwall enclosure and partition systems.
sfredrickson Ferrari Textiles Corpsfredricksonwww.ferrari-architecture.com
shade3 Shade Comforts, Inc.shade3www.shadecomforts.comTensioned fabric shade structures: i.e. shade sails, shade canopies and shade umbrellas. Shade car parking lots, playgrounds, patios, pools, bleachers, car wash and other large areas.

Full service: Design-Engineering-Fabrication-Construction.

California General Building Contractor License #881893.
ShadePro ShadeProShadeProwww.ShadePro.comDesign, Manufacture, Consulting, and Installation of Permanent Shade Structures with Exceptional Customer Service - Shade Canopies, Tensioned Fabric Structures, Carports, Umbrellas, Shelters, Covered Patios, Walkways, Playgrounds, Bleachers.
Shady StructureflexShadywww.structureflex.com.auSuppliers to Shade Professionals and Specialists. We design, engineer and manufacture a complete range of standard and custom shade and PVC tension sails and structures.
sharpFS Summit StructuressharpFSwww.summitstructures.com
shelter tent Shelter tent Manufacturing (Beijing) Co.shelter tentwww.shelter-structures.comShelter tent Manufacturing, a highly specialised manufacturer of large clearspan structures and semi permanant structures and has served Chinese & export market since 2003
Sioen Industries NV Sioen Coated Fabrics Trading CoSioen Industries NVwww.sioen.comThe fabric of choice for industrial usage be it truck side curtains, roofing, swimming pool covers and layering, windshields for farms, tents, membranes for TA structures. Sioen industries provides protection through innovation.

Contact us- sioen.sh@sioen.cn
skyshades Sky Shadesskyshadeswww.SkyShades.usSky Shades is a design construct firm which offers custom shade strucutres using high dnesity knitted shade cloth, tension membranes using PVDF and tensile structures using PTFE.
Smart Enclosure Smart EnclosureSmart Enclosuresmartenclosure.comSmart Enclosure™ designs and manufactures innovative energy efficient inflatable buildings. The distinct modular design of our buildings gives them unparalleled portability and deployment speed with the comparable strength of a metal framed structure.
Sollertia Inc. Sollertia Inc.Sollertia Inc.www.sollertia.ca
sonnybuchanan AmeriShadesonnybuchananwww.goshade.com
spanman Span Systems, Inc.spanmanwww.spansystemsinc.comOver 35 years of broad international experience in design, fabrication and installation of tensioned membrane structures, from America\'s leader in fabric architecture.
Spidertech Fiorenzi Marine GroupSpidertechwww.fiorenzi-marine-group.itMarine technical textiles and sport of sailing.
Our customer are naval and recreational shipyards and designers, companies specialized in the conversion of the textiles in to the finished products, naval shipyards, sail makers and companies specialized in the conversion of fabrics in to upholstery and covers. Distributes hull design software, panel design software and fabric cutting systems, Spidertech Integrated System, the evolution of sails designing.
SQUARICLES sunsails SQUARICLES sunsailsSQUARICLES sunsailswww.squaricles.comSQUARICLES Sunsails is a Dutch shadesail development and production company mainly for EUROPE\'s BENELUX and Germany.
StevenSmith Swift Textile MetalizingStevenSmithwww.swift-textile.com
Structurflex Structurflex LtdStructurflexwww.structurflex.comStructurflex is a world-leading design and build manufacturer specialising in the design and build of custom tensioned membrane structures in PVC, PTFE and ETFE. From design development through engineering, fabrication and installation, Structurflex has established a worldwide reputation in fabric architecture for quality, service and reliability
sujanimpex Sujan Impex Pvt. Ltd.sujanimpexwww.sujanimpex.comWe are distributors for FERRARI Architectural Textiles for South Asian countries since last 12 years, and have been largely instrumental for growth of Textile Architecture in India. Our main activity is to interact with Architects and help them realize their projects successfully, and generally promote Textile Architecture wherever appropriate
szyashangtent Shenzhen Yashang Tent Technology Co.,Ltdszyashangtentwww.szyashang.com/en/Index.htmlOur company established in the year of 2005. The factory area is about 1500 square meters in Shenzhen. Products design, produce and sell, all by ourselves. The products technology came from Germany. You know Germany tech is the most advanced in the field. So our technology is leading in China. And what’s more, our price is reasonable. Welcome to visit our
( company annual sales volume is about 400 thousand dollars).
Taiyomax Taiyo Kogyo CorporationTaiyomaxwww.makmax.com
TariqKhan Hatch (Pvt) LtdTariqKhanhatchstructures.co
tecnodimension Tecnodimension S.L.tecnodimensionwww.tecnodimension.comInflatable building Spanish manufacturer. More than 15 years designing and creating all inflatable buildings.
Tectoniks TectoniksTectonikswww.tectoniks.comTectoniks design and manufacture a new generation of high performance inflatable structures. We specialise in custom designs and have an extensive portfolio of international award winning structures.
TenCate Structures TenCate Advanced StructuresTenCate Structureswww.tencate.comTenCate is manufacturer and supplier of high performance composites for use in tensile structures, special coated fabrics and membranes for architectural textile covers and facades. We also produce geotextiles for e.g. building skins (anti sick building syndrome). We are also known as the major player in markets for special coated and finished textile fabrics for e.g. protection from sun and all types and sizes of tents & structures.

We make advanced materials for a wide range of applications and enable our worldwide customers to achieve goals that were previously unattainable.

Get in touch on your newest project or design to see how TenCate can assist you in reaching your goals.
tensaform TensaFormtensaformwww.tensaform.comDesign, manufacture and erection of tensile membrane systems.
Tensile Integrity Tensile Integrity Inc.Tensile Integritywww.tensileintegrity.comTensile Integrity Inc. is in the business of;
1. Supporting Architects: -we provide design support, qualify budget and develop articulate specifications for competitive bidding.
2. Support Industry Manufacturers with business development and project management services.
3. Support Owners/ End Users with construction management services (ie. coordinate and oversee final design, supply through install of custom fabric & tensile structure projects).
Tensile Systems Tensile Structure SystemsTensile Systemswww.tensilesystems.comTension Fabric Structures, PTFE Membrane, Tensile Structures, Tension Cable Membrane Roofs, Shade Sails, Amphitheaters, Aircraft Hangars, Mining Structures, Bulk Storage Domes, Modular Portable Structures, Air Domes and Inflatable Structures and EFTE and PVDF Production. Consulting and Project Management. Reach us at: tensilesystems.com
Tiding TidingTidingwww.tiding.com.cn/Service Scope
1. Designing and technological consultancy of membrane structure program.
2. Form-finding, computer software development.
3. Structural calculation, static and dynamic analysis.
4. Form-finding and cutting pattern design.
5. Processing and manufacturing of finished product of membrane.
Tim DKA Business SolutionsTimwww.dkabusiness.com
timyoude TensileFabrictimyoudewww.tensilefabric.co.uk
tom2dads Toro Corporation Ltdtom2dadstorocorp.co.ukToro Corporation designs, sells and installs tensile fabric structures for industry and agriculture. From mobile covers to large semi-permanent warehouses
traubet Traube Tents & Structurestraubetwww.traubetent.comSince 1938 Traube Tents & Structures has been servicing the U.S. with fabric structures of all types. We have installed over 2 million square feet of fabric structures since 2009. Let us put our experience to work for you.
UFS UFS AustralasiaUFSwww.fabricstructures.com.auUFS Australasia, are an Australian-owned and operated company who specialise in the concept, manufacture and installation of quality fabric Tensile Membrane Structures, awnings, and a diverse range of permanent, relocatable or modular shelter structure options. We have been very successful in creating both locally and internationally, an innovative and quality brand with innovative Award Winning fabric structure solutions.
Valeshade Valeshade Sdn BhdValeshadewww.valeshade.com(Design & Build shade sails, tensile membrane structures, architectural umbrellas, retractable awnings, sunshades, based in Malaysia)
valstav Helim aeromediavalstavwww.visign.otg‘Efficiency through innovations’ is my company slogan. Our design is always imaginative.
My personal interests include the relations between tensile membranes and tensegrity structures and the theory of inflated and tensioned membranes.
verteco Verteco Co ltdvertecowww.verteco.ruTextile architecture and inflatable structures
vingida Vingida Ltd.vingidawww.vingida.comJSC Vingida was founded in 1993. The company’s main business focus is the manufacture and rental of a wide range of portable steel buildings, mobile hangars, party halls, temporary structures for events, tensile membrane structures and inflatable buildings.
westphal SILON s.r.o.westphalwww.silon.czProducer of PET Fibers and PE and PP Compounds
williamjhansen Alaska Structures, Inc.williamjhansenwww.AlaskaStructures.com
WinFabric Multimedia Engineering Pte LtdWinFabricwww.me.com.sgTensile membrane software developer, designer, fabricator and project consultants
Yally YALLY INDUSTRIAL CO.,LIMITEDYallywww.yolloy.comYALLY INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD Located in GUANGZHOU, CHINA. It enjoys a convenient and well-developed transport network. we are close to BAIYUN international airport, and the new Guangzhou Railway Station, only 90 mins\' ride to Hongkong.
Our mainly products are:inflatable tents, inflatable castle ,inflatable bouncers, Moonwalks,jumping, inflatable bounce slide, inflatable slide, interactive games,holiday inflatable, inflatable tents, water games, inflatable climbing, and so on
yashang YASHANG TENT SHENZHENCO.,LTD.yashangwww.szyashang.comShenzhen Yashang Tents Co,. Ltd. was established in 2005. Our company has introduced European style tents technology products, advanced production line equipment, and comprehensive management system. So, it constructs powerful production technology, marketing and construction team.
With elegant appearance, Yashang tents are suitable for structuring of any venue, flexible and convenient. The tents can be widely used for holding different outdoor exhibitions, celebrations, business gathering, business promotions, sports affairs, tourism and leisure, industrial warehouseCmilitary use, as well as relief and various temporary events.
yashangtent Yashangtents Shenzhen Co., Ltd.yashangtentwww.sztents.comWe are a tent manufacturer, we offer tents for party, wedding, event, exhibition and sports. And also have fabric building for industrial warehouse and storage.
Product manufacturers - from tent, tensile membrane, air supported structure, stadium roof construction companies and manufacturers to geo and technical textile product producers.
Suppliers - presented by material, accessories, hardware and equipment manufactures as well as software developers.
Service providers - engineers, architects, designers, consultants and experts, contractors and rental companies.
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