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We are also exclusive India representatives of BELGIUM based SIOEN INDUSTRIES- world market leader in Technical Direct Coated Textiles- to distribute their range of Architectural (Tent & Tensile Structures) & Truck Tarpaulin Fabrics in India. The Beijing Olympics Tent Structures were made in SIOEN Fabrics.

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Rolling Gates

Depending on the application, exterior rolling gates and interior rolling gates, vertical and horizontal fast moving rolling gates and rolling gates with integrated windows with different industrial rolling gate materials are available as industrial rolling gates They are available from light weight to heavy designs. Cold resistant, fire resistant and antistatic options can also be manufactured.


Flexible curtain in ( Polyester / PVC ) complete with anodized aluminum extrusion for holding the inter changeable sections.

Modular sections allows easy arrangements of differently coloured and transparent panels as well as replacement in case of accidental damage.

High-speed roller doors are offered in many different versions, providing individual and customized system solutions for nearly every application requirements.

All high-speed roller doors are produced in a largely maintenance free modular construction

The speed of the vertical folding pvc fabric and the opening/closing automatism allow a continuous and quick use of the passage, avoiding expensive thermal exchanges between inside and outside.

Strong wind resistance. The Pvc fabric is reinforced with metallic bars put into the horizontal compartments of the doors, to contrast wind force, above all in the case of doors with big dimensions. These reinforcements function also as protection for workers and goods in case of breaking due to wrong or accidental maneuverings.

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Truck Cover & Tarpaulins

We are exclusive India representatives of BELGIUM based SIOEN INDUSTRIES to distribute their range of Truck Cover and Tarpaulin Fabrics in India.

Truck tarpaulin project the image of the company. The protection of the transported goods as well as the advertisement for the company put exceptional demands on the material. The type of fabric, the coating and the surface painting have a large impact on the tear-out force, tear-out resistance, flexibility, print reproduction and durability. Depending on the application and operational demand, truck tarpaulins are available in different weights, widths, finishings and many attractive colors.

Applications: Truck Tarpaulin, Truck Cover, Side Curtain, Top Cover, Trailer tarpaulins, sliding tarpaulins, container tarpaulins, open top containers, Caravan cover, Machinery cover, Boat cover, vehicle tarpaulins, airplane containers, wagon tarpaulins

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Running a company related to tensile structures or other relocatable buildings ? Join us to publish your product photos and other promotional information about your company in Fabric Structure community for free!

Party tents

Tents & Temporary Roofings

We have a full line of Tent fabric material that provides maximum tear strength, minimal weight, excellent dimensional stability and resistance to mildew, fading and fire.

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Membrane structures

Tensile Membrane Structures

Fabric structures allow you to make a statement.
Textile construction as a component of modern architecture is accepted increasingly all over the world. Membranes permit area designs which are aesthetic, light weight and durable. They are installed quickly, can cover large areas and do not need support constructions. They can be used for aesthetic and functional purposes, as well as for separation, figurative and visual purposes. Translucent membranes provide natural lighting and Bloc-Out membranes prevent light transmission and significantly reduce heat transmission.

We are exclusive India representatives of BELGIUM based SIOEN INDUSTRIES to distribute their range of Architectural Fabrics (Tent & Tensile Structures) in India. The Beijing Olympics Tent Structures were made in SIOEN Fabrics.

A very advanced and high tech type of technical textile is used for textile architecture. Strict European and international regulations define the production process and technical characteristics of each type of technical textile. We offer from SIOENs manufacturing plants in Belgium & France high quality- lightweight and heavy weight Coated Textiles for tensile membrane structures, rooftops, sides, tents, halls, domes, etc.

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