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The plotter/cutter FMG for fabric products manufacture

Author: Spidertech
The challenge has been to set-up a system which allows the effective production of series pieces but which also has the flexibility of producing a different sail each time: therefore combining high quality craftsmanship and design but with manufacturing times of mass production.

In other words great flexibility, ease of use, highly efficient production and limited costs are the features that have madeplotter/cutter FMG the most widely used manufacturing system among sail makers in the last fifteen years.
alt Furthermore, having only recently been 'discovered' by new and diverse segments of industrial production, the step from the demanding, exciting sail-making sector to the construction of gazebos, from tensor-structures to truck tarpaulins and from swimming pool manufactures to advertising billboards, was a relatively short one.

The installation of the plotter/cutter FMG system into a production line is simple. The average amount of training necessary for a member of staff to use the system is a day and a half. After this short period any employee would be able to manage 80% of it, the rest is rapidly learnt by practice and the learning curve is not steep. The transferral of know-how of the system from one employee to another is brief - a fundamental element for the entrepreneur who has to invest in human resources.

The plotter/cutter FMG cutting machines are made following strict CE standards, are easy to use, reliable and maintenance costs are very moderate. The low costs are due not only to the system's reliability, but also to a functional auto-diagnostic software which allows Analytical Methods Italy technicians to identify any possible problem in the minimum of time, then substituting the damaged part by simply sending the spare one. In fact, thanks to the training supplied by us during the installation phase, any defective or damaged parts can be changed directly by the clients themselves, thus avoiding the wasting of time and money. Only in extremely difficult cases would it be necessary for our technicians to effect an on-site visit.
alt One of the secrets of our success is the ability to design both software and machinery. Many of the problems usually associated with the design and manufacture of fabric pieces using an automated system have been overcome through the use of our outstanding software. The plotter/cutter FMG not only cuts, but also traces and marks to indicate overlaps, numbers, and makes production notes.

The specialized software we supply together with the machine is designed to allow the development of each piece with the utmost respect to the drawing or template acquisition the worker is used to.
We have moreover created two software packages that can be used in the design of both gazebos and sails (limited sized garden structures). The program is interfaceable via HGPL with the main, widely used programs for tenso-structure design and general cad programs such as AutoCAD.

The plotter/cutter FMG has been specifically created to plot and cut fabrics. Composed of a mechanical arm, which moves in both directions of the working surface, it brings the plotting and cutting tools with it. The cutter is directly managed by the computer, which, by simple command, produces a fully cut and marked fabric panel which is ready to be assembled following the overlaps drawn by the machine itself. The cutter is supplied with a vacuum table that has a suction system that holds the fabric while it is worked.

The module Nesting which optimises the placement of each of the panels onto the table, either automatically or by hand, so as to reduce waste of fabric to the absolute minimum, makes the final checking phase of the plotter/cutter. By taking this into consideration production efficiency is improved by reducing the quantity of wastage material in relation to the quantity of material used in the production of the panels. alt Briefly, the advantages offered by the plotter/cutter FMG can be summed up as follows:
  • Tracing and cutting completely automated with total accuracy in the copy of the design shape;
  • High production speed;
  • High quality standards for series production, guaranteed by the high precision and repeatability of the machine;
  • Maximum versatility in the designing of panels with simple curves (lines and arcs) or with higher level curves (splines and B-splines) to obtain any desired shape;
  • Optimisation of the use of materials, thanks to minimal material wastage;
  • Very low additional managing costs, thanks to the ease of use which does not require qualified or specialized staff;
  • Limited maintenance costs;
  • Servicing and "hot-line" granted by the local distributor.


Originally developed for sail-making, plotter/cutter FMG has proven to be versatile enough to be used in any situation in which the production of structures using any type of material is required. boat sails, nautical coverings, dinghies, tensor-structures, industrial tarpaulins, awnings truck tarpaulins, aerostats, parachutes, ultra-light air craft, camping tent, sun and garden awnings, general soft furnishing, advertisements, advertisement balloons, clothing.

Working features

  • Cut on single layer
  • Work table sizes upon request
  • Digital control through direct pc interface
  • Cutting and tracing without needing to change the head
  • The machine uses any pen or felt pen used in commerce

Technical features

  • Movements made through step motors
  • High precision and receptivity (error: max. 0.25mm approx)
  • Maximum plotting or cutting speed: 100cm/sec

Minimum Hardware configuration requirements

Pentium III with Windows98, mouse, one serial port available, graphic display with 800x600 pixel.
High Technology for effective simplicity and great working efficiency.

for more informations about plotter/cutter FMG contact us!
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Wrote: vingida 28 june 2006 11:38 Comment #1
Larger and more pictures would be more informative. Also it would be interesting to take a look at the cutting process.. Is your Prosail the same as from Armstrong-White Automation (NZ) Ltd?

Wrote: Spidertech 2 july 2006 12:21 Comment #2
Hi, here you can found any more information about FMG plotter cutter

Anyway, please contact our customer service

Thanks for your interest

Fiorenzi Marine Group Srl
Via dell'Artigianato, 7
Zona Industriale 60026 Numana (AN) Italy
tel: +39 071 7392040
fax: +39 071 7392728
Wrote: 3 november 2007 02:59 Comment #3
Yes, it is the New Zealand copy of the old Blackman and White Orion cutter.

Rotary blade cutter using Olfa blade.
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