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Inflatable buildings

Inflatable sport halls From Manufacturer

Are you finding a suitable portable building for the use of party, Wedding, sport hall, gym, or other other occasion? If yes, here we have a good product for you. 

We use 0.45 pvc tarpaulin to produce this tent. This material is UV-resistant, fire-retardant and can stand in the temperature of -30 degree to +70 degree. So it can be used in any location almost. The size is 36 mtrs x 18 mtrs x 10 mtrs high, but it is also ok for the custom size such as 20*10 or other size.
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Inflatable buildings

Tectoniks Shortlisted in Event Production Awards

Event Production Awards Tectoniks

Tectoniks has been shortlisted in the Best Structure Company of the Year category of The Event Production Awards 2012, organised by The Event Production Show, Access All Areas Magazine and the White book in association with Capitol House.

Tectoniks Euro Experience Tour

the Euro Experience Tour building

The structure which secured this honour is the Euro Experience Tour building.  This unique inflatable building visited 13 cities in Austria and Switzerland over a five month period and hosted over 400,000 visitors.  Tectoniks designed and built the structure at its state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in the UK.
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Your company is capable producing a tension structure or an inflatable building ? Join us and publish your structure photos and information about your product on Fabric Structure community site for free!

Inflatable buildings


Hangzhou ECHO Computer&Technology Co., Ltd.

We produce Automatic cutting machines for inflatable membrane, tents and awnings. Watch video of working automatic membrane cutter.
If you need more information, please visit our website: http://en.iechosoft.com
http://www.korytec.com/English/index.html or contact.
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Inflatable buildings

Smart Enclosure™ Debuts 8000 Series - Inflatable Buildings, Portable Temporary Structures

Inflatable Buildings, Portable Temporary Structures

Smart Enclosure™ Debuts 8000 Series

  • Our Patented Design comes with a Five (5) year warranty
  • Designed to shed snow, translucent fabric brings in natural light
  • Removable side panels for cross-ventilation in summer
  • Modular sectional design - increase or decrease the structures footprint and height.
  • Delivery time from order only (8) weeks, installs in a day.
  • Able to be taken down or erected by a three-man crew in just hours
  • Great flexibility for full season operation or use for events, as needed

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Inflatable buildings

inflatable balloon tent

Enlarge picture
Our company is a company.Çelik Axis frame tent membrane structures in Istanbul, Suspended Tension Membrane structures, buildings, inflatable structures such as balloon manufacturer in manufacturing and a firmadır.tents Width 10-20-30-40-50-60. Sale.length rent or for the unlimited  . 
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Your company is capable producing a tension structure or an inflatable building ? Join us and publish your structure photos and information about your product on Fabric Structure community site for free!

Inflatable buildings

inflatable enclosures

Inflatable enclosures is a design and manufacturing business that supplies
inflatable systems to individuals and companies.

We are looking for distributors worldwide to take our innovative products to the market

Benefits in brief

Minimal running cost
Versatility for any weather situation
Rapid deployment
No planning permission required
Anti vandal proof
Snow loading heat mat
Aerodynamically designed for wind sheer
Operates in complete silence
Low voltage required 
Low carbon footprint
Water tube anchorage system
Translucent membrane to give natural light
Insulated membrane


Tennis court enclosures
Sports enclosures
Emergency shelters
Construction enclosures
Commercial storage enclosures
Swimming pool enclosures
Inflatable Greenhouse
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Inflatable buildings

inflatable sports enclosures


Convert your outdoor court to and inside court with an inflatable court enclosure.
This system is the most cost effective option to cover your court.
Inflatable tennis court enclosure / tent designed to cover existing tennis court , the size 36 mtrs long x 18 mtrs wide x 10 mtrs high internal dimensions competition size . Positioned on an existing court within the wire fence, Inflates in minutes using pumps and is secured with weights and ground ties. It Is classed as a temporary building as it deflates when not in use. There are optional additional accessories available, portable lighting /flooring/ playing surface/ air conditioning. The enclosure can be bespoke with options as in colours internal and exterior and doors and windows positions and sizes.
We are looking for distributors.

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Inflatable buildings

Inflatable Tents Losberger


Losberger GmbH

Inflatable Tents : Versatile, Compactly and Extremely durable

In 2003 Losberger Intertent , one of the world largest manufacturers of halls and tents, acquired Walter SAS with its subsidiary TMB, Bachmann and AiS . Today these three companies have been retained unchanged and integrated into the international Losberger operations under the name Losberger RDS.

TMB and AiS has been successfully supplying products for the civilian emergency, disaster control, decontamination and military markets for over 20 years.

Enlarge picture

Their inflatable tents can be deployed in just a few minutes and, among other things, can be used in disaster control and military situations as temporary hospitals, operating theatres, field hospitals and operations control centres. The products can be complemented by NBC decontamination showers, anti-infection covers, NBC clothing, etc. The inflatable tents come in different sizes. They are extremely versatile, can be transported easily and compactly and are very lightweight. They can be put up and taken down in a matter of minutes and are extremely durable. With their extensive accessories range, includes windows, mosquito nets, air sleeves, air supply valves etc, we ensure that every requirement can be met.

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Inflatable buildings

Inflatable canopy - Serpentine Gallery Pavilion 2006.

Serpentine Gallery Pavilion 2006

by Rem Koolhaas and Cecil Balmond, with Arup13 July – 15 October 2006The Serpentine Pavilion

2006 was co-designed by Pritzker Prize-winning architect Rem Koolhaas and innovative structural designer Cecil Balmond.

The centrepiece of the design was a spectacular ovoid-shaped inflatable canopy that floated above the Gallery’s lawn. Made from translucent material, the canopy was raised into the air or lowered to cover the amphitheatre below according to the weather. A frieze designed by Thomas Demand marked the first collaboration between an artist and the designers of the Pavilion.

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Inflatable buildings

Air Structures and Sports Domes

Top quality Air Structures and Sports Domes at AvidOutdoors.com

We are proud to be an authorized representative of ASATI air structures and sports domes. ASATI has been the industry leader for over 45 years!

We will work with you every step of the way on your next project.

Don't be deceived by imitators!

Our patented Bias Cable Net System is what other air structure companies often try to duplicate.

With over 5000 air structure and sports dome projects completed ASATI has blazed the trail in the air structure business.

Compare our air supported structures to the cost of brick and mortar buildings and you will see that dollar for dollar there is no comparison. Air structures are much more affordable and the clearspan, open air space that they provide is an experience that has to be seen to be believed.

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