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Inflatable buildings

Inflatable structures from INFLATABLE IMAGES.


Founded in 1982, Inflatable Images has been counted upon by literally thousands of large corporations, government agencies, schools, sports teams and small companies alike to produce some of their most memorable inflatables for any event.

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Inflatable buildings

IPD/Asati News

Mr. ALEX KOGAN CEO of IPD Sales and Marketing a US company with headquarters in Missouri with its subsidiary office in Moscow Russia were awarded a government first phase contract for construction of 64 ASATI technology certified air supported structures designated for sport recreation facilities to be installed through out the territory of the Russian Federation for 2006. Following this award, Mr. Alex Kogan of IPD Sales and Marketing has reached an agreement with the principals Mr. Dan M. Fraioli CEO and Mr. Dan A. Fraioli president of Air Structures American Technologies Inc. in Rye Brook New York to use ASATI for engineering and manufacturing and erecting these ASATI technology certified sports domes.
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Inflatable buildings

The Benefits of Inflatable Buildings.

Couple of days ago I was Googling trying to find a substitute for small air supported structure and I found it finally. However it appeared to be not an easy nut to crack as I had to reformulate my requests sufficient number of times in odder to find appropriate decision. Through that process I found an article which actually helped me to find what I was looking for and I’d decided to share it with others. Please don’t be biased to my post as I just want to help a bit to people who may face the same task. So…

The Benefits of Inflatable Buildings

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Inflatable buildings

Yeadon Ltd. - Air Supported Structures

Yeadon® is the leading producer of State-Of-The-Art Air Supported Structures providing the most cost effective Domes to meet the needs of today’s customers for the sports and recreation, warehousing, military and construction markets.

Visit our website at: www.yeadondomes.com

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Inflatable buildings

Inflatable buildings

This inflatable football structure was designed and erected by Matti Orpana.

Advantages of air inflatable buildings

low price;
fast delivery terms;
do not require supporting frame;
easily dismantable.

Purpose of use

tennis courts;
golf courses;
ice arenas
football fields;
other sports facilities;
permanent and temporary storage of bulk goods and other supplies, inflatable shelters.


- low price;
- there are no frames or supported columns inside of the structure, even in the case of large-scale overall dimensions of the structure;
- energy-saving, as the cover of the structure is produced from light translucent PVC material;
- able to be set-up or dismantled in a very short period of time for the summer season or other reasons.

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