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Party tents

Tensil fabric structures

Tensioned Fabric Membrane Structures with aluminum subframe and [tensioned] membrane, are becoming more popular nowadays.

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Party tents

Party tents

Party tent
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Provide 30m width tent,more message,please feel free contact us.
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Your company is capable producing a tension structure or an inflatable building ? Join us and publish your structure photos and information about your product on Fabric Structure community site for free!

Party tents

Event tent

Event tents,more message,please contact us.
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We are a tent factory.  If you need to any size,please contact us.
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Party tents

Exclusive Tents Ltd.

WORLD LEADERS IN BESPOKE LUXURY UNDER CANVAS. Our tents are engineered to bring one closer to nature and allow one the romance of living under canvas, to find the true tranquility and absolute pure passion of life!

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Party tents

Event Tents Global

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Event solutions company, supplying all aspects of event needs. We are a one stop rental shop, Event Tents and Furniture, Event logistics, Event Electrics, Event Water solutions, Event Management, all in house and by the one company. Ireland UK Europe & the rest.

We also design and build any idea of tent/structure, to clients exact requirements.
Website: www.eventtentsglobal.com

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Party tents

Clear span tent

Safe Tent Co., Ltd. :To have a complete team,provide a complete solution.

Design:Our design team have superb technology.They have a series of drawings from our in-house for each order.

Security issue:It is very important.This is  first problem from our design team.

We are a  factory from China. We are looking for overseas agent.We also accept customized.

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Please visit the website: www.newsafetents.com, you will get more info.

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Party tents

white inflatable projector dome tent for party rentals

During Guangdong International Tourism Festival in 2008, there was a huge inflatable projection dome on the entrance, together with music, show and fireworks, the large projection tent played a important role in the 4 days festival. 


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Party tents

Tents & Temporary Roofings

We have a full line of Tent fabric material that provides maximum tear strength, minimal weight, excellent dimensional stability and resistance to mildew, fading and fire.

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Considering to purchase a fabric tensile structure ? Wish to get proposals from all interested companies in your area? Request a quote right now!

Party tents

advantages of wedding tents

1)Easy to assemble and dismantle
2)UV protection, Waterproof,mildew-proof,flame-retardant
3)Durable, portability, dismantle easily
4)Safe and stable, wind-resistance for 8 class 
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Party tents

Albaddad mobile halls, tents and prefabricated building

On behalf of Al Baddad International. I would like to offer to you our services which cover‘s different features, sizes and design of a mobile halls, tents and prefabricated building.

We are known in MENA region as a leading provider of mobile halls, sophisticated tents and trusted prefabricated building. With our in house designers and engineers our innovative product continues to evolve as client’s standard needs arises.

Al Baddad International serves you beyond belief as we are ready to serve you anywhere in the world with a quality services by our well trained staff.

To know more about us please visit us on our website  www.albaddadintl.com and facebook  al baddad international  the official group.

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Party Tents in It's Shape.....

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