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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

What is fstructures.com is intended for?
To drive more attention to your production, you can submit some articles about your company, for a example a separate article about each product, or an article describing your structure design, installation or usage. You will get an opportunity to receive more quotes from you potential customers. All quotes received by Fstructures.com are published in the marketplace. You can also get information from the about section and an article about Fstructures.com

How do I publish an article?
To publish your article, please register first, then press the Publishing link in the left menu(right after login). Take a look at Project overview publishing section to get how to write an article. You can also watch "How to publish" tutorial.

What topics are accepted for an article? How many articles can I post?
You can write an article regarding any building or other tensioned fabric membrane structure, inflatable buildings and temporary or mobile hangars industry related topic.
If your want to describe several products or services, you can publish multiple articles.

Where is my article published?
All of them will be available on a home and category pages for a certain time(newly published articles appear on top), also your articles will be available from your public profile and their own url.

How many photos can I upload in one article? What should be the article length?
You can upload as many photos you want(in common sense), respecting the only limitation- your article should be cut into 2 parts:
1. A description part(published n a first page and on category pages) should take no more than ~1 computer screen height,
2. The rest of the article should be put in "Full article" field, which is available by pressing "MORE" in the bottom of every article.

I want to put a hyperlink and contact information at end of the article.
To place a link, just use "Hyperlink" button in editor toolbar. Please also put your contact information in your profile.

How can I edit the article?
An article which has been submitted for publishing cannot be edited. You can tell us what to change, and we'll edit it for you. So, please preview your article before posting, to be sure your article looks like you want.
To get practice publishing articles you can submit articles to "Test" category, they appear in it without moderation.

Can you edit our article for us as below( text with article corrections)? The photos are already arranged. We only need you to include below write-ups.
Sure, we will edit your published article for you, with information you provided.

I have a question that is not covered by this FAQ. Where can I ask it?
Please register and send your question via this form.

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