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Portable hangars

Airbus Atlante UAV Uses Tectoniks Inflatable Hangar

The Atlante UAV manufactured by Airbus Defence and Space uses a highly portable inflatable hangar supplied by Tectoniks Limited in the UK.

Tectoniks inflatable hangar

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Portable hangars

Legacy Building Solutions Opens a New Fabric Plant

Legacy Building Solutions recently celebrated the opening of their new state-of-the-art fabric manufacturing plant.


Legacy Building Solutions, a leading designer, manufacturer and installer of tension fabric buildings, has opened a  new fabric manufacturing plant at its headquarters in South Haven, Minn. The new facility will allow the company to produce higher quality fabric panels while also increasing capacity.

Enlarge picture



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Portable hangars

Why Choose An Unobstructed Portable Aircraft Hangar

Whether you need a portable aircraft hangar for your helicopter, airplane or other aviation needs, these quality fabric structures are designed to protect your investment. In fact, a fabric building is the ideal solution for maintenance or storage of your aircraft.

Portable Aircraft Hangar

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Portable hangars

The CROSSOVER , The Original Tension Fabric Building With a Rigid Steel Structural Frame

Milestones Building and Design announces the CROSSOVER , the original fabric building utilizing structural, rigid steel beams instead of open web trusses is now in production.  The CROSSOVER   is the original and the preferred fabric building of those with structural, rigid steel built-up beams in place of hollow-tube, open web truss frames traditionally used for fabric buildings.  Hot dip galvanized steel makes the CROSSOVER's rigid steel structural frame virtually corrosion resistant.  And they are hot-dip galvanized in a lead-free facility; no lead is added to the zinc in the galvanization process.

The CROSSOVER is an exceptional choice in tension fabric structures; a multi purpose, fast, durable, economical solution for manufacturing, warehousing, and mining facilities including the bulk storage business and the commodity storage industries. Industrial and commercial businesses alike recognize the advantages provided by fabric structures, including the low cost, quick turnaround, green construction and sustainable design.

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Portable hangars, Other

North Huron Carpentry Services Winner of CMG FREE Building Giveaway

North Huron Carpentry Services Winner of CMG FREE Building Giveaway

Dave Werkema, of North Huron Carpentry Services, is the grand prize winner of CMG Building Solutions’ FREE building giveaway – a 12’ x 20’ fabric covered building with 2 ends. Located near Blyth, Werkema and his crew specialize in additions, renovations, general repairs and new homes. Werkema entered the draw at the Huron County Contractor’s Expo held on March 25, 2011 in Goderich.

To celebrate their first year in business, CMG wanted to do a giveaway that would show their customer appreciation, highlight their products and services and get people talking. Throughout the course of the year, CMG attended various tradeshows across the province and had the ballot box for the draw at each show. People could also enter the draw on line, or by simply calling the office. Werkema’s name was drawn from over 500 entries.

Jack Metcalfe, owner of CMG Building Solutions, was pleased with the amount of entries and the interest generated in the draw, “We were thrilled with the amount of people who entered the draw. We’re definitely planning to do something like this again in 2012”. For more information on CMG Building Solutions, visit www.cmgsolutions.ca

Enlarge picture
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CMG Buliding Solutions Inc.

CMG Building Solutions Inc. was formed in 2009 and is the authorized Norseman Structures dealer in Ontario. The company evolved from a need in the fabric building industry for service, cover replacement and building permit applications.

The initial focus was on a niche market assisting clients with applying and obtaining municipal building permits throughout the province. With the number of fabric covered buildings in Ontario exceeding 6000, an obvious extension of CMG Building Solutions Inc. became servicing fabric covered buildings and replacing covers.

More recently, CMG has added general contracting to its list of services.  CMG's professional crew can perform both commercial and residential renovations.

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Portable hangars

Rubb hall FX30x50 in Bielawa

Bielawa, Poland - FX Type Building

Rubb Poland has completed and installed FX Type building in Bielawa, Poland. It is first Rubb hall type FX in Poland . The building measures 30m wide x 50m long with a 6m side wall. Steel construction and the PVC membrane were manufactured in Poland to Rubb AS specifications.

Enlarge pictureEnlarge pictureEnlarge pictureEnlarge pictureEnlarge picture

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Portable hangars

Welcome to Alaska Structures: Military Shelter Systems, Military Tents, and Fabric Structures

About Alaska Structures

Alaska Structures® (AKS) designs, engineers and delivers the highest quality fabric building systems for extreme environments. Since it was founded in 1975, over 45,000 AKS shelters ranging from 8' wide to 150' wide have been tested and proven in over 50 countries around the world, including more than 22,000 Alaska Military Shelters and 4,500 Alaska Environmental Control Units (ECUs) in Afghanistan and Iraq.


Alaska Structures (AKS) is the world's leading supplier of Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) rapidly deployable fabric shelter systems to the US Department of Defense and the UK Ministry of Defense. Over the past ten years AKS has delivered over 22,000 shelter systems to the US DoD and over 4,500 shelters to the British MoD.

Our tensioned fabric structures are ideal for worldwide building applications in ... mining, oil and gas, manufacturing facilities, construction housing, military housing facilities, disaster relief facilities, aviation hangars, convention centers, medical complexes, warehouses, offices and operation facilities, retail outlets, hotels, maximum security prisons, to name a few.

Leading businesses, military customers and government organizations around the world have discovered that the nearly 1,000 years of combined AKS employee experience matched with our ability to produce over 600 shelters and ECUs per month has fulfilled their critical needs beyond even their highest expectations.

More information can be found at www.AlaskaStructures.com

Contact Us

Toll Free 888-370-1800

Tel 907-344-1565


Fax 425-889-1206


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Portable hangars

Rubb Hall NV 20x51x4 by Rubb Poland

Enlarge picture

Enlarge picture
Enlarge picture

RUBB covered building

This NV type hall measures 20m wide x 51m long with 4m side wall.Is build with lighting and sliding doors .The structure was erected by Rubb Poland for a company that manufactures electrical components for the Korean company LG. The customer had previously purchased a THA type shelter and was so satisfied with the structure, that he ordered this much larger NV type hall. This structure will be used for the storage of steel plates and steel components.
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Portable hangars

Pre-engineered fabric building for warehouse

Enlarge picture
specifications: 12x30m; height: 5m;
Col of membrane: translucent white and grey;
Structure: hot-dipped galvanized steel square tubes;
Foundation: concrete
Application: warehouse
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