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Membrane structures

Architan Landrell - Company presentation

Author: ala

Tensile fabric structures are a dramatic and exciting method of construction, allowing curvature, translucency and the ability to spectacularly light both internal and external spaces.

The visual delicacy created by fabric architecture has led to the conception that tensile structures are temporary building types. In fact, with a design life of over 30 years, fabric buildings can last generations, and conform to the same structural codes as permanent buildings. Tensile fabric structures are a unique addition to a building, not only providing the structure of a building envelope, but also enabling us to consider different methods of creating environments – rather than boxing space in, fabric structure allow space to be wrapped.
With this in mind, Architen Landrell offer exciting and innovative design solutions, even for the most demanding of briefs, and our unique research and development capabilities broaden our knowledge and allow us to feed innovations back into the industry. A large in-house design team offers concept advice and sketch drawings before proceeding to detailed engineering and patterning analysis. Our multi-disciplinary team comprises architects, structural engineers and product designers who combine creative and technical expertise who work flexibly to tailor our input to the needs of a project. With powerful CAD capabilities we can produce 3D computer visuals and fly-throughs that bring schemes to life.

Our purpose built 1,800sqm production facility, itself a tensile building, provides the ideal environment for manufacturing pristine, accurate structures. Advanced equipment and working methods mean that our expertise is applied to every type of architectural fabric and we provide the best warranties available. The clear-span working environment allows the assembly of huge membrane panels to be pre-fabricated, which simplifies and accelerates site assembly.

Our knowledge of the role of tensile architecture within the construction industry has allowed us to integrate complex lighting systems designed to accent and enhance our structures. The translucent quality of tensioned fabric offers designers with an array of internal and external lighting options. Whether light needs to be softened, optimized or controlled, architectural fabrics are capable of exceptional spans, and extraordinary illuminated effects. Lighting a structure can conjure a glowing effect which brings a landmark quality to any building.

Much of the potential to create unusual, exciting and original structures remains open to exploration, and with the innovative force of Architen Landrell Associates new generations of architects and builders are able to achieve stunning and unique results.

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Wrote: Matti Orpana 5 January 2007 16:25 Comment #1
The company name is misspelled....
Wrote: admin 26 February 2007 14:58 Comment #2
Yes I had noticed this mistake. As I supposed that people working for Architen couldn't afford themselves such mistake I paid some time and figured out that many people do such mistake trying to find ArchitEn on the net. Last month statistics show 18 unique visitors to this post and look for the google results:

architan landrell

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