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Full name: David Kelsall User: Tectoniks

Company: Tectoniks
Registration date: 16 december 2011
Last visited: 19 december 2014
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Country: United Kingdom
City: Shrewsbury
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Phone: +44 (0) 1743 741199

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Tectoniks design and manufacture a new generation of high performance inflatable structures. We specialise in custom designs and have an extensive portfolio of international award winning structures.

Portable hangars

Airbus Atlante UAV Uses Tectoniks Inflatable Hangar

The Atlante UAV manufactured by Airbus Defence and Space uses a highly portable inflatable hangar supplied by Tectoniks Limited in the UK.

Tectoniks inflatable hangar

Post rating: Good Category: Portable hangars Viewed: 12375 Author Tectoniks 19 december 2014 Comments (0)  More

Inflatable buildings

Tectoniks Supplies World of Coca-Cola touring structure

The 'World of Coke' tour of Turkey has completed the first year of a five year tour that will visit 28 cities and attract over 1 Million visitors.
The tour is housed in a Tectoniks 1,600 square metre inflatable structure comprised of three, custom-designed interconnecting domes. The domes enclose zones covering the history of the company, the production processes and quality standards, and the future of Coca-Cola with particular emphasis on sustainability.
Enlarge picture

This is the most comprehensive and long-term project for Coca-Cola in Turkey with the tour employing over 2,500 people over the five years.
Post rating: Good Category: Inflatable buildings Viewed: 5602 Author Tectoniks 9 september 2013 Comments (0)  More

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Inflatable buildings

Tectoniks Portable Hangars

Tectoniks portable hangars provide the ideal solution to the problem of undertaking aircraft/vehicle maintenance at locations where suitable facilities are not available.

The hangars are very compact when packed, contain no rigid parts and are easily transportable by road, sea and air. Theycan be rapidly deployed on a variety of surfaces in environments ranging from extreme cold to desert conditions.

Enlarge picture

Post rating: Excellent Category: Inflatable buildings Viewed: 2048 Author Tectoniks 30 march 2012 Comments (3)  More

Inflatable buildings

Tectoniks Inflatable Theatres Prove to be a Big Hit

Enlarge picture

The live stage version of the BBC Television show In the Night Garden has completed its second year of touring in a Tectoniks custom built inflatable theater. The tour has proved to be a huge success and has now visited 12 locations around the UK. Hundreds of thousands of people have seen the shows and additional dates and venues had to be added to cope with the demand for tickets.

Post rating: Good Category: Inflatable buildings Viewed: 4460 Author Tectoniks 16 february 2012 Comments (7)  More

Inflatable buildings

Tectoniks Shortlisted in Event Production Awards

Event Production Awards Tectoniks

Tectoniks has been shortlisted in the Best Structure Company of the Year category of The Event Production Awards 2012, organised by The Event Production Show, Access All Areas Magazine and the White book in association with Capitol House.

Tectoniks Euro Experience Tour

the Euro Experience Tour building

The structure which secured this honour is the Euro Experience Tour building. This unique inflatable building visited 13 cities in Austria and Switzerland over a five month period and hosted over 400,000 visitors. Tectoniks designed and built the structure at its state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in the UK.
Post rating: Excellent Category: Inflatable buildings Viewed: 2345 Author Tectoniks 15 december 2011 Comments (3)  More

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