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What’s the best aqua inflatable swimming pool

Swimming is an aerobic fitness exercise, suitable for both children and adults. Compared with other sports, swimming does not have so many restrictions, and it does not have high requirements for swimming places. Therefore, swimming enthusiasts can swim in many places, such as common swimming pools, rivers, beaches and other shallow waters.

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Swimming has many benefits: First, swimming can enhance myocardial function. When a person exercises in the water, all organs of the body are involved, and the blood circulation is accelerated to supply more nutrients to the exercise organs. Second, swimming can have the effect of burning fat and losing weight. The body's resistance to activities in the water is large, and the thermal conductivity of water is very good, so the human body consumes more heat. For people who need to lose weight and keep in shape, swimming is a good choice.

Third, swimming can relieve stress. Swimming stimulates the secretion of an endorphin hormone that improves people's mood, and plays a role in relieving stress. Studies have confirmed that swimming can also help restore brain function that is impaired by stress through a process called hippocampal nerve regeneration. Fourth, swimming helps to improve skin quality. The water flow will wash the skin, sweat glands and fatty glands, play a massage role, promote blood circulation, and make the skin smooth and elastic.

In addition to the above four common benefits, there are other benefits of swimming, which are not listed here. Some people may think that swimming in an ordinary swimming pool is more monotonous. Can it be combined with games to arouse people's interest? Do you also want to combine sports and play, so that you can exercise while enjoying happiness?

Therefore, we will introduce this large inflatable swimming pool to everyone. It is a combination of swimming pool and slide. Inflatable swimming pools can be used privately or commercially, such as in public swimming pools and open waters. If it is used for playgrounds, it can also be used in combination with aqua  parks to increase entertainment.

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Inflatable buildings

What are the advantages of this inflatable marquee

When see this inflatable marquee, we all think it is very good for wedding party. Yes, correct. It is really very popular for wedding party. But, except the wedding, this white tent is also ok for other event such as birthday, celebration or company promotion and so on. It is a widely used for many occasions. 
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Stability is a very big and important factor during operation. After a lot calculation of our engineer, we decision to use 0.9m diameter tubes even it may make the cost increased. But when seeing the final goods, we think what we thought and what we pay is worth. With this tube size, the huge inflatable event tent is very easy to installed and set up. 
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Except the tube size, the all open-rolled-closed side windows, clear welded windows, lights and so on, all details, we all very carefully for them and the good details together consist the final good piece. 
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Inflatable buildings

Outdoor membrane structures Inflatable building tent

Are you finding a large enough air structure for your big event? to use it as sport hall, or large inflatable building or air shelter

Looking at this giant inflatable membrane structure, it is one of the largest outdoor tent we produce still now. It is a portable inflatable building that can be used for most occasions.


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The size is 75L m x 50mW x25mH, the material is customized from Plato, It is waterproof, flame-retardant and uv-resistant.


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For more details, please feel free to contact us.

We are inflatabable manufacture in China. we can offer you many kinds of inflatable tents, dome or air sturcture or shelter for your event solution. You are welcome to contact us any time. 

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