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We help you to make structures from China

Brotent Tentnology Hongkong is a specialist in designing, engineering and fabrication of clear span fabric structures in China.

Company Features:

1. Focus on providing custom made temporary building solutions;
2. Offer global customers the best OEM package in China;
3. Every structures from our company must be pre-engineered according to specific building code;
4. Every structrue having 10 -15 years warranty period;
5. We carry out European standard and or equivalent quality and inspection standard;
6. Small team less costy Zero risk;
7. 24 hours service.

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Party tents

Clear span tent

Safe Tent Co., Ltd. :To have a complete team,provide a complete solution.

Design:Our design team have superb technology.They have a series of drawings from our in-house for each order.

Security issue:It is very important.This is  first problem from our design team.

We are a  factory from China. We are looking for overseas agent.We also accept customized.

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Please visit the website: www.newsafetents.com, you will get more info.

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Your company is capable producing a tension structure or an inflatable building ? Join us and publish your structure photos and information about your product on Fabric Structure community site for free!

Inflatable buildings

Outdoor membrane structures Inflatable building tent

Are you finding a large enough air structure for your big event? to use it as sport hall, or large inflatable building or air shelter

Looking at this giant inflatable membrane structure, it is one of the largest outdoor tent we produce still now. It is a portable inflatable building that can be used for most occasions.


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The size is 75L m x 50mW x25mH, the material is customized from Plato, It is waterproof, flame-retardant and uv-resistant.


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For more details, please feel free to contact us.

We are inflatabable manufacture in China. we can offer you many kinds of inflatable tents, dome or air sturcture or shelter for your event solution. You are welcome to contact us any time. 

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Membrane structures

3dtex GmbH – Fabric Architecture

Fabric architecture was pioneered approx. 50 years ago mainly by Prof. Frei Otto and has since become a popular and established method of construction. Fabric tensile structures are distinguished by their elegance and airiness, which result in outstanding designs.

Tensile, fabric canopies are by no means only suitable for temporary structures. They are fully fledged constructions that are able to withstand adverse weather conditions such as wind and snow. The double-curved organic design is not just functional, it also gives fabric structures their unique appearance. Form, structure and details are closely intertwined. The desire for architectural authenticity is almost automatically fulfilled – the loadbearing structure defines a canopy's overall appearance; details have both a structural and design function.

The 3dtex GmbH specialises in the design and realisation of such entities encompassing structure, design and functionality.

3dtex offers its clients the full range of services from the first sketch through to the finished structure, at a guaranteed fixed price.

To carry out the various phases of the project, 3dtex works with a network of specialists, including membrane manufacturers, specialised engineers, material science laboratories and trained industrial climbers.

At 3dtex GmbH it all comes together. As an expert in its field, 3dtex guarantees the smooth running of a project from a technical, creative and financial perspective, as well as its on-schedule completion.

Our services are:

· strategic and conceptual consultancy, visualisations

· geometric form definition, structural analysis, engineering of all structural members

· design and detail planning for steel and membrane

· fabrication of all separate parts such as membranes, cables, steel constructions by external suppliers according to the specifications of and monitored by 3dtex

· project management and quality assurance

· delivery and assembly on site

Since the founding of 3dtex GmbH in 2008, the company has worked on more than 40 projects and demonstrated its expertise in the area of fabric architecture.

The founder – architect Stev Bringmann – has planned and implemented projects worldwide since 2001 in sizes S to XXL. A current reference list can be found at www.3dtex.de/eng/Referenzen.htm



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Party tents

white inflatable projector dome tent for party rentals

During Guangdong International Tourism Festival in 2008, there was a huge inflatable projection dome on the entrance, together with music, show and fireworks, the large projection tent played a important role in the 4 days festival. 


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Considering to purchase a fabric tensile structure ? Wish to get proposals from all interested companies in your area? Request a quote right now!

Portable hangars

Legacy Building Solutions Opens a New Fabric Plant

Legacy Building Solutions recently celebrated the opening of their new state-of-the-art fabric manufacturing plant.


Legacy Building Solutions, a leading designer, manufacturer and installer of tension fabric buildings, has opened a  new fabric manufacturing plant at its headquarters in South Haven, Minn. The new facility will allow the company to produce higher quality fabric panels while also increasing capacity.

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Inflatable buildings

what is the detail of the llarge inflatable tent with air frame structure

Large inflatable tent  are very popular because it can not only used as  inflatable sport hall or  instant inflatable exhibition, it is also can be used as  inflatable camping tent or  inflatable construction site or even  inflatable temporary house during amusement or travel.

alt alt alt alt alt

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Inflatable buildings

Dryspace Structurtes Ltd

Dryspace Structures supply the very best in inflatable structures to the events industry, we offer a be-spoke service along with our 'off the shelf' range of structures both for sale and to hire. Dryspace have been supplying most UK companies with our designs for many years. So if it looks like ours it probably is ours.

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Your company is capable producing a tension structure or an inflatable building ? Join us and publish your structure photos and information about your product on Fabric Structure community site for free!


Curve biggest Aluminium Profiles

With more than 30 years experience and extensive technical and metallurgical knowledge of aluminum alloys, PROMETAL has developed its own cold curving system for extruded aluminum profiles.

This system allows us to curve open or closed profiles, either small or large sections (up to 15.74x5.51 in) and different lengths in one single piece (0.82ft to 65.61ft ).

These structural profiles can be used for marquees, atrium roofs, etc. or for facade structures, such as curtain walling, regardless of the trade mark or manufacturer, as louver blades for solar protection, ensuring a homogenous curve in all the profiles.

Furthermore, we handle all stages of production, from design, extrusion, machining and accessory welding, providing a powder coating or anodized finish depending on the length.

If you are interested, please, visit our website www.prometalgroup.com and don't hesitate in contact us for any doubt or information. 2c

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Portable hangars

Why Choose An Unobstructed Portable Aircraft Hangar

Whether you need a portable aircraft hangar for your helicopter, airplane or other aviation needs, these quality fabric structures are designed to protect your investment. In fact, a fabric building is the ideal solution for maintenance or storage of your aircraft.

Portable Aircraft Hangar

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