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Membrane structures

Tension membrane structures by Architen Landrell.

Architen Landrell

Architen Landrell is one of the world’s leading tensile fabric structure companies. Our work encompasses the design, manufacture and maintenance of advanced lightweight building systems.

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Tech textile

Forefront of thermoplastic technology - AGRU AMERICA, INC.


For more than 30 years in Europe, Agru has been at the forefront of thermoplastic technology producing a wide range of pipes and fittings for the construction, chemical and environmental industries. High quality sheeting of HDPE has been produced since 1986 on the most modern production equipment available and has been supplied to over 80 countries.



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Party halls for rent

Halls for rent from Advanced Tent Rental.

Advanced Tent Rental Ltd.

Advanced Tent Rental Ltd. is a progressive, energetic company, which commenced business in Toronto in the summer of 1988. Since then, despite the cyclical fluctuations in the economic climate, we have steadily grown and now offer tents and temporary structures in sizes ranging from 10’ x 10’ to 100’ x 300’.


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Tensile fabric from China.

Shaoxing Sifeng imp&exp CO.,LTD

Shaoxing Sifeng imp&exp CO.,LTD are located in the Shaoxing County Orchid Pavilion town,Is an industry and trade combination, the textile lining import-export trade company, peripheral has Asian and even world biggest textile transaction market --China lightly spins correlation factory and so on the city and multitudinous textile printing, has the strong message resources network.

Enlarge picture

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Inflatable buildings

The Benefits of Inflatable Buildings.

Couple of days ago I was Googling trying to find a substitute for small air supported structure and I found it finally. However it appeared to be not an easy nut to crack as I had to reformulate my requests sufficient number of times in odder to find appropriate decision. Through that process I found an article which actually helped me to find what I was looking for and I’d decided to share it with others. Please don’t be biased to my post as I just want to help a bit to people who may face the same task. So…

The Benefits of Inflatable Buildings

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"Design Architecture Construction" December 2006.

DKA Business Solutions Ltd presents the business programme «Designing-Architecture-Construction» from 3 to 9 December 2006 in Tokyo, Japan.

We would like to invite you to be on this programme and join meetings with Japanese companies. Tokyo is one of the most dynamic cities in the world. Japan has always led the world in modern construction. Recent government policies have meant large areas of land have become available and together with the strong economy this has fuelled a development boom in the capital. All developments in Tokyo have to contend with both the restricted availability of land and large earthquakes. This programme will be a unique opportunity to meet the companies at the forefront, observing their methods and construction techniques.

The programme includes business visits to the following:

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Membrane structures

Study Course “Membrane Structures”.

In addition to the post of Mr. Daler Singh "Master program for membrane Structures"I thought that a bit more detailed information about the program would be usefull for the audience of our community...
Despite the fact that all information is available at the official web site - Master program for membrane Structures , for your convinience I've put it down below ...

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Membrane structures

Master of Engineering In Membrane Structures

Master program for membrane Structures.

Concept of the Master Program

The master program will be a non-consecutive post graduate course, parallel to professional life.

It is established to create a reliable standard of education in the field of textile building. The information of this building method are concentrated , as well as the information about research and development. Safe standards of application can be created worldwide. The aim is to educate architects and engineers to design, bild, erect, calculate and maintain wide span light weight structures.

The Master Program is divided into four terms consisting of mandatory modules, optional modules, internship and Master Thesis. There will be one active period per term that lasts about one week. The remaining part will be held as internet seminar and homework. To pass the program a total number of 90 Credits has to be achieved. It is held in English language only.


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Your company is capable producing a tension structure or an inflatable building ? Join us and publish your structure photos and information about your product on Fabric Structure community site for free!

Party halls

Temporary structure – Lithuania.

Hello to everyone!

We’ve just finished one project and decided to show it to the community members. It would be very interesting to receive some feedback of any nature. Well, as to the project…

Enlarge picture

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Membrane structures

Tension fabric structures from Singapore.

Here is another project from ADVANCE MEMBRANE SYSTEM PTE LTD.

Enlarge picture

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