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Membrane structures

Tensioned membrane structures from CAPOLINO Membrane & Structures.

CAPOLINO Membrane & Structures.

The innovative supplier of membrane roofing, canvas roofing, glass structures and facades. Lightweight fabric and glass structures are a niche sector in international architecture and the construction industry, a niche that's growing rapidly.
Such structures demonstrate daring, ingenuity, no compromise and a belief in the future. But above all, they demonstrate an ever increasing desire to maintain contact with the public, to communicate with customers, to send the message forth. - Here we are. - Welcome!

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Radio frequency heat sealing equipment from Cosmos and Kabar.


Cosmos and Kabar - The world's leading manufacturers of radio frequency heat sealing equipment, have been in business for over 50 years. We offer a wide range of options from standard machinery to fully automatic systems including shuttles, turntables, in-line indexers, robotic feeders (material and board), stripping, cutting, stacking stations, etc. In addition, we have a large tool and die manufacturing facility capable of creating customized sealing dies for a complete in-house "turnkey" operation.

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Party tents

Party tents from CANVAS SPECIALTY INC.


"The award winning company that has the sophistication to make your event a success. Since 1942, Canvas Specialty has povided a vast diversity of tenting and structure solutions. Our portfolio is proof to the many years of dedication and service."

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Party halls for rent

Tent rentals from Big Top Productions Inc.

Big Top Productions Inc

Big Top Productions offers a team of productive, dedicated, customer oriented people. Our reputation as a leader in the Special Events industry is built on quality, craftsmanship and service since 1970. Our wide range of tent rentals and manufacturing experience is recognized internationally.

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Technical fabrics from Scantarp.

Oy Scantarp AB

Scantarp specialize in the production of technical fabrics coated with differing thermoplastic polymers and is the market leader in Scandinavia. Our speciality is the production of a wide range of custom tailored fabric qualities combined with excellent service. The cornerstones of our customer service are flexibility, reliable delivery, technical service and quality of coated fabrics. As a subcontractor to our customers, we also make up finished products, using high frequency technology, thus providing our customers with a complete product. In the design, production and marketing of military camouflage systems we work in close cooperation with the Swedish Saab Barracuda Ab.

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FIAB HF AB - High frequency welders for any demand.

High frequency welders for any demand.

For more than 50 years, FIAB has manufactured and developed high frequency
welding machines. Our long tradition and comprehensive know how, have given us a solid reputation as specialists in advanced technical solutions.

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Tensile Structure Design Software - MPanel.

Tensile Structure Design Software - MPanel

Meliar Design has been involved in the development of light weight structures for over 20 years. Initially writing custom software for the aerodynamics, development and patterning of paragliders, then developing that software for use in the architectural tensile structures field, we have experience in software and hardware for the design, testing and production phases.

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Party halls

Partyhalls from Al Baddad.

Al Baddad International

Al Baddad International established in 1971 in the Emirates and later on expanded to other Gulf Countries and the Middle East and many regional offices around the world.

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Party tents

Party buildings from American Pavilion.

American Pavilion

At American Pavilion, we are proud of our long-standing commitment to superior service and quality products. And that pride is evident in everything we do.

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Membrane structures

Boundless possibilities worldwide from COVERTEX.


Membranes are a new and increasingly important construction material in innovative modern architecture.
covertex was founded in 1999 to meet your requirements: technical, architectural, and economical.
The founders of covertex have years of experience constructing membrane roofs and pneumatic structures world-wide. This experience is a significant advantage in satisfying increasing technical requirements and deadlines.

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