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Portable hangars

Temporary buildings from Singapore.

This project was completed in 2005 by ADVANCE MEMBRANE SYSTEM PTE LTD based in Singapore.

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Inflatable buildings

Yeadon Ltd. - Air Supported Structures

Yeadon® is the leading producer of State-Of-The-Art Air Supported Structures providing the most cost effective Domes to meet the needs of today’s customers for the sports and recreation, warehousing, military and construction markets.

Visit our website at: www.yeadondomes.com

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Membrane structures

Membrane structures

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Tensile membrane structures is architecture of new generation as well as possibility to supplement traditional architectural solutions. Tensioned membrane material is considered to be the fifth construction element after metal, stone, glass, and concrete.

Tensile fabric structures are used as:

- stadiums;
- sports facilities;
- exhibition halls;
- business centers;
- concert halls and etc.;
- shade roofs of the entrance of hotels, restaurants, cafes, and other commercial buildings;
- airport roofs, bus, train stations and terminals, car parking and gas stations;
- other permanent or temporary structures.

Structures are easy to combine and coordinate with other materials, such as wood, glass, stainless steel structures, connections, as well as cables, and since the material used is light translucently, incredibly attractive and luxurious image of the structure is obtained if properly arrange illumination of the structure.

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Inflatable buildings

Inflatable buildings

This inflatable football structure was designed and erected by Matti Orpana.

Advantages of air inflatable buildings

low price;
fast delivery terms;
do not require supporting frame;
easily dismantable.

Purpose of use

tennis courts;
golf courses;
ice arenas
football fields;
other sports facilities;
permanent and temporary storage of bulk goods and other supplies, inflatable shelters.


- low price;
- there are no frames or supported columns inside of the structure, even in the case of large-scale overall dimensions of the structure;
- energy-saving, as the cover of the structure is produced from light translucent PVC material;
- able to be set-up or dismantled in a very short period of time for the summer season or other reasons.

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Humanitarian Development Program HDP

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Yesterday we received an email form our partner:
Why I write you about the fact that I received a telephone call from the United Nations yesterday and they were busy with a big project. This project was about the fact that they need several storage structures in Africa, in Kenya, Ghana and South Africa to be specific. These structures would have a total area of about a 100.000 square feet and they would need these halls for food and aid storage. At this moment they work with about ten companies already but they have invited us aswell.

There will be a conference in Nairobi, Kenya, in October and we are invited to come aswell. At this conference there will be all invited companies who can talk and discuss business directly with the United Nations...

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National Swimming Centre

National Swimming Centre
2008 Olympics
Beijing, China

Hello to everyone!

I’m not aware of overall community audience opinion but I, personally, find the opportunity to share issues of my interest with other open-minded people exciting.

Some time ago I remember Discovery channel showed Beijing venues planned to be constructed for Olympics 2008 in China. One of architectural decisions I liked a lot. Probably one of the reasons is that it touches upon my professional interests and tech textile industry of course. Maybe the majority will consider this information a bit dated, but anyway I’d like to tell a few words about the structure known as “Watercube”.

Image courtesy PTW

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Party halls

Party halls partytents erection - Tent expo 2005

Quite interesting material of party tents and party halls erection process I have found on Tentexperts website. The video was done from the hotel roof, as I understand, good work! At that time I had been making a bit closer pictures. Hope you can find them useful and interesting..

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The plotter/cutter FMG for fabric products manufacture

The plotter/cutter FMG production system originates from the sail-making sector. The sailing sector has been an excellent development ground for various reasons, primarily for the precision required in the production of panels, and paradoxically, the fact that sail-makers have neither got used to using computers nor come to terms with industrial production logic.
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Tech textile

Fiorenzi Marine Group: a presentation

FMG logo Fiorenzi Marine Group is an Italian Company which groups different companies with the same vocation for marine technical textiles and for the sport of sailing. For the last 20 years these company have operated under different trade names. Today they are:
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Frei Otto Life and his Lightweight tensile membrane structures

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Otto studied architecture in Berlin before being drafted into the Luftwaffe as a fighter pilot in the last years of World War II. It is said that he was interred in a French POW camp and, with his aviation engineering training and lack of material and an urgent need for housing, began experimenting with tents for shelter. After the war he studied briefly in the US and visited Erich Mendelsohn, Mies van der Rohe, Richard Neutra, and Frank Lloyd Wright. He began private practice in Germany in 1952. His saddle-shaped cable-net music pavilion at the Bundesgartenschau Kassel in Stuttgart brought him his first significant attention. He earned a doctorate about tensioned constructions in 1954.

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