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Membrane structures

Tensile Structure Engineers

Designers and engineers of tensile fabric structures

Tony Hogg Design

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Inflatable buildings

100% Air Structures

Breathe New Life Into Your Event With Air Structures


Since being developed by a forward-thinking group of American architects in the 1960s, air structures are now a familiar sight at countless events across the globe. Now, innovative UK company Evolution Dome is helping customers breathe new life into their events by offering a huge range of eye-catching air structures combined with customer service that's like a breath of fresh air.

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Inflatable buildings

2012 hot sale big inflatable white tent with bubble effect for wedding party

Have a big party event project, but do not have good solution? Are you in trouble of finding good building or point to arrange the big project? 

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If so, we have good suggestion for you. 
This white inflatable tent with bubble effect, it is beautiful, widely use and also, It is top grade and give people noble sense. So No matter you use it as wedding tent, our party tent or dinner hall or sport hall or others are ok. 

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Inflatable buildings

Inflatable Structure

Choose An Inflatable Structure To Give Your Event a Real Lift


Mention the words inflatable structure and many people immediately picture a bouncy castle or the dancing tubes seen at festivals. However, the term also covers a wide range of cutting-edge structures which are fast becoming the number one choice for anyone organising a party or corporate event.

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Inflatable buildings


Hi Guys,

Just wanted to briefly introduce ourselves and what we offer to the market in the range of Inflatable Structures.


Evolution Dome have a range of stunning, creative inflatable structures from of the shelf event structures to fully bespoke and tailor made corporate branded structures. We have a brilliant very reliable install team that and comfortable installing the smaller Office in a bag structures right up to the huge Trident or Turtle that are capable of holding in excess of 1000 people.

Here is a Video of one of our installs at Kings College Cambridge

For more information please do not hesitate to contact of friendly team on 0844 3351 933

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Your company is capable producing a tension structure or an inflatable building ? Join us and publish your structure photos and information about your product on Fabric Structure community site for free!

Inflatable buildings

portable inflatable planetarium

Protable planetarium Inflatable Dome  is made by anti-stretch fabric material. 
The dome can be set up in 15 minutes. fireproof and durable.

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Inflatable buildings

Tectoniks Inflatable Theatres Prove to be a Big Hit

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The live stage version of the BBC Television show ‘In the Night Garden’ has completed its second year of touring in a Tectoniks custom built inflatable theater. The tour has proved to be a huge success and has now visited 12 locations around the UK. Hundreds of thousands of people have seen the shows and additional dates and venues had to be added to cope with the demand for tickets.


Post rating: Good Category: Inflatable buildings Viewed: 4460 Author Tectoniks 16 february 2012 Comments (7)  More »

Party halls

Gazebo--- flexible and beautiful

  • Gazebo is flexible and convenient, easy and beautiful, it is
  • suitable for small-scale activities
  • However, it also can thoroughly to face large-scale activities when it combined with several cells into a variety of square matrix
  • What’s more, it shows unique and special
  • Due to the combination of changeful display to make the imagination more attractive.

have not been rated yet Category: Party halls Viewed: 2572 Author szyashangtent 14 february 2012 Comments (6)  More »

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Inflatable buildings

portable inflatable pub

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You might have been to the pub in the city center or countryside. But have you even been to a pub that can move to any place you need, no matter on the mountain or on the beach, on the balcony or inside the house. On the road side or in the square center... You can move it to any where you want. May be you might think of a pub in a car. But this time, it is totally different! It is a inflatable pub! 

have not been rated yet Category: Inflatable buildings Viewed: 3345 Author Yally 13 february 2012 Comments (6)  More »

Inflatable buildings

exciting live battlefield inflatable game

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What is your social activities during weekend? Still call some friends, eating, singing, shopping, visiting some other places or playing electronic games? 

If yes, you are out of  fashion!

Right now, we have a new game! It is exciting and stirring. This is live CS (Counter-Strike). You may think there are no forest or good point for this game. But right now, we have new product to solve your problem! We have inflatable walls and other inflatable bunkers for Live CS or paintball games.
have not been rated yet Category: Inflatable buildings Viewed: 2610 Author Yally 7 february 2012 Comments (7)  More »
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