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Party tents

Party tents from Regent Pioneer Ltd.

Regent Pioneer Ltd.

Established in 1984, Regent Pioneer Limited provides quality products and services to the commercial industry in Hong Kong. We are renowned for our expertise in various fields, including event contracting, exhibition decorating, and marquee sales and rentals. We also specialize in design, architectural, and renovation works. We are committed to providing our clients with the highest quality of products and services.

have not been rated yet Category: Party tents Viewed: 3441 Author Unassigned 28 november 2006 Comments (1)  More »

Portable hangars

Tension membrane shelter systems from WEATHER-PORT.


WEATHER-PORT offers you the finest in custom designed, hand-crafted tension membrane shelter systems. From the Arctic to the Antarctic, from Africa to Alaska, no other shelter has the flexibility, portability, dependability, ease of installation and world-wide track record of Hansen WEATHER-PORT, the fast and economical all-purpose shelter for you, your materials, your world.

Post rating: Excellent Category: Portable hangars Viewed: 11033 Author Unassigned 28 november 2006 Comments (4)  More »

Considering to purchase a fabric tensile structure ? Wish to get proposals from all interested companies in your area? Request a quote right now!

Membrane structures

Architan Landrell - Company presentation

Established when tensile fabric structures were a new concept within the construction industry, Architen Landrell are a leading manufacturer of bespoke fabric architecture with over 20 years experience in the design, manufacture and installation of tensile structures. The company has completed over 5000 projects worldwide, for temporary and permanent use, within a huge variety of construction sectors and prides itself on unparalleled design capability, originality and innovation within its work. The company’s ‘can-do’ approach to each project, strives to come up with intelligent answers to untried ideas and to see these through from conception to completion.

have not been rated yet Category: Membrane structures Viewed: 2672 Author ala 27 november 2006 Comments (5)  More »

Inflatable buildings

IPD/Asati News

Mr. ALEX KOGAN CEO of IPD Sales and Marketing a US company with headquarters in Missouri with its subsidiary office in Moscow Russia were awarded a government first phase contract for construction of 64 ASATI technology certified air supported structures designated for sport recreation facilities to be installed through out the territory of the Russian Federation for 2006. Following this award, Mr. Alex Kogan of IPD Sales and Marketing has reached an agreement with the principals Mr. Dan M. Fraioli CEO and Mr. Dan A. Fraioli president of Air Structures American Technologies Inc. in Rye Brook New York to use ASATI for engineering and manufacturing and erecting these ASATI technology certified sports domes.
Post rating: Poor Category: Inflatable buildings Viewed: 3249 Author gburdick 27 november 2006 Comments (1)  

Membrane structures



Tensioned Fabric Structure Sdn Bhd has been in the tentage / tarpaulin line for more than two decades, offering a wide range of shade and shelter products for various occasions, from little canopies, umbrellas, free span aluminium structures to special tensioned membrane.

Post rating: Excellent Category: Membrane structures Viewed: 8834 Author Unassigned 27 november 2006 Comments (5)  More »

Running a company related to tensile structures or other relocatable buildings ? Join us to publish your product photos and other promotional information about your company in Fabric Structure community for free!

Portable hangars

Portable hangars from RUBB Building Systems.

RUBB Building Systems

Rubb engineered fabric structures are rugged, flexible, relocatable and easy to maintain. With a viable resale market, these multi-use structures are always a sound investment.
Called a plasthall, rubbhall, rubb building, or tension membrane structure, Rubb engineered fabric buildings have stood the test of time in the most demanding environments around the world. Not to be confused with tents, tension fabric buildings were originally designed as temporary structures for the harsh conditions of northern Europe. Many Rubb prefabricated buildings have been in service for over 25 years.

Post rating: Good Category: Portable hangars Viewed: 13591 Author Unassigned 27 november 2006 Comments (7)  More »

Tech textile

Material from natural and synthetic goods by Polimeros y Derivados.

Polimeros y Derivados

Polimeros y Derivados is a Mexican company incorporated in 1958 at León Gto. Since its setting up it has turned towards a permanent generation of technological assets by merging its own international technological innovation, and thus attaining over time, a technological avant-garde profile.


have not been rated yet Category: Tech textile Viewed: 3113 Author Unassigned 22 november 2006 Comments (1)  More »

Party tents

Party tents from K. C. SUPER TENT Technology SDN BHD.


K.C. Super Tent Technology Sdn Bhd is originally known as Syarikat Kim Chun, was founded in 1979 by Mr. K.C.Ng, and assisted by his supportive family. The first 10 years of our business is mainly domestic and only involved in zinc shelter, stage, tables and wooden chairs. As our company's capital, experiences and desire grow over the years and with the advancement of technology in the tentage industry, our company took a big leap to become the first few to venture into PVC canvas canopy tent. Since then, this colorful canopy tent has slowly eradicate the dull zinc shelter demand in the market as more rental company took the same leap in the next few year. By then, our company founder foresee the upcoming demand for a more futuristic tent since every design has only specific glorious moment.

Enlarge picture

Post rating: Good Category: Party tents Viewed: 5826 Author Unassigned 22 november 2006 Comments (4)  More »

Your company is capable producing a tension structure or an inflatable building ? Join us and publish your structure photos and information about your product on Fabric Structure community site for free!

Party halls for rent

Prefabricated pavilions from Chicago Party Rental.

Chicago Party Rental - Your Event Partner!

Whether you're planning a catered affair or corporate event, a neighborhood festival, a wedding or a backyard graduation party, you've come to the right place. With our expanding inventory of rental products, expert event coordinators and renowned service reputation, we can offer you a total event package from one convenient source.

have not been rated yet Category: Party halls for rent Viewed: 3558 Author Unassigned 21 november 2006 Comments (4)  More »

Membrane structures

Tensioned membrane structures from CAPOLINO Membrane & Structures.

CAPOLINO Membrane & Structures.

The innovative supplier of membrane roofing, canvas roofing, glass structures and facades. Lightweight fabric and glass structures are a niche sector in international architecture and the construction industry, a niche that's growing rapidly.
Such structures demonstrate daring, ingenuity, no compromise and a belief in the future. But above all, they demonstrate an ever increasing desire to maintain contact with the public, to communicate with customers, to send the message forth. - Here we are. - Welcome!

Enlarge picture

have not been rated yet Category: Membrane structures Viewed: 3292 Author Unassigned 21 november 2006 Comments (4)  More »
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